The best countries to visit to enjoy snowfall

Best countries to visit

Winter brings some of the coldest months of the year to Europe. In other parts too, you will find a lot of snowfall. The white powder covers rooftops and presents stunning vistas to visitors. But you have to be careful about choosing holiday destinations . You cannot expect every western country to turn into a winter wonderland. Choose only the best countries to visit for unlimited fun, adventure, and relaxation.

Best countries to visit

Tignes, France: classic snowfall country to visit

Tignes is a group of villages near the France-Italy border. It is a high-altitude resort with breathtaking views. The pistes or top ski paths attract a wide variety of adventure-seeking tourists and solo travelers. It is 2100 meters above sea level and has comfortable hotels, bars, and restaurants.

The alpine region hosts a plethora of sporting and skiing activities. Make sure you spend Christmas in Tignes when there is considerable snow. Enjoy snowboarding and have a glimpse of the Grande Motte glacier. You will also love the parade, toys, artifacts, and special torchlight descent at night.

Montana, USA: Best of all countries to visit for snow

The USA is filled with regions that experience snowfall. For this list, we are considering Montana. Montana is home to an impressive 6000 km of snowmobile trails. You find a lot of these well-groomed tracks in the Yellowstone National Park. And since the region attracts 380 cm of snow every year, you will not get disappointed. Pack your bags and have a thrilling holiday adventure.

The state has snowy conditions between September and May. The valleys, back roads, meadows, and mountain trails turn very white. The winter activities open for tourists include cross-country skiing, dog sled, hot spring soaks, snowboarding, museum visits, and forest stays.

Vienna, Austria: romantic and friendly country to visit

Austria sees snow between December and March. At higher altitudes, up to 1800 m, you can see snowy conditions from November to May. So, the country is a perfect destination for the holiday season. And the capital of Vienna is famous for palaces, neo-Gothic buildings, and music.

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You will love the Belvedere market in the city, for its elegance. During evenings, it will get lit up with a thousand lights that reflect in the lake. The city offers gourmet food, cheeses, and home-made gingerbread. It is also famous for traditional crafts, pottery, and hand-designed glass.

Zermatt, Switzerland: tourist site with chalets

Entire Switzerland is a winter snow destination for those who love to ski. Among the prime destinations in this country, Zermatt is a small town on the Italian border that is a famous ski resort with a lot of snowfall. And, Switzerland is one of the best countries to visit for the adrenaline rush activities during snowfall. Yes, you will love the land’s romantic essence with towering mountains and brilliant views of the skyline. But, the expert skiers can come down from heights of 3883 meters for a thrilling skiing experience.

You can take a break from the tourist magnets and travel to the deserted spots. A guide will lead you into the valleys and up to the mountain huts for a night’s stay. The deeper snow atop the mountains is reachable via the ski lifts. Those who want to do something different can go for nature hiking and snowshoe hikes.

Vatnajokull, Iceland: explore the largest icecap

Iceland is home to massive glaciers and beautiful snowflakes, making it one of the best countries to visit during winter. At Vatnajokull, you can hike the largest glacier in Europe. It is a very challenging destination with blue ice caves and massive crevasses. The ice here is thousands of years old, and you will encounter a dramatic landscape.

The terrain is marked by rugged ridges of blue and white ice. The winters are beautiful as the surfaces turn icy. A guide will take you for 5 to 6-hour hikes and provide all the equipment. The tools include foot-securing crampons for extra safety.

Patagonia, Argentina: the best country to visit in winter

Argentina is a surprising and unpredictable destination for snowy fun. But the Patagonia region may surprise you with wintery conditions in June-August. The southern parts get cold, chilly and enjoy heavy levels of snowfall. The resorts in this area attract tourists who enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Plan a vacation after checking if the resort is open for tourists. Sometimes the accommodations shut down due to extreme weather conditions. But if they are open, you can enjoy fly fishing, kayaking, rafting, camping, and hiking.

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Rjukan, Norway: a holiday in heavy snow

Rjukan in Norway does not get any sunlight between September and March. You can get enveloped by vistas of steep slopes. The place is full of stunning spectacle that is worth a watch for any visitor or tourist. Choose to stay in any ski resort for sleigh rides, cross-country skiing trails, and floating saunas. But it is more famous for its 150+ ice climbing trails. And the frozen waterfalls and dark canyons with green, blue ice are very alluring.

Rovaniemi, Finland: six months of whiteness

This small and charming village is the official hometown of Santa Claus. It makes Finland one of the best countries to visit during winter. You can catch the Northern Lights and spend a night in the igloo ice hotel. The city center is also easily accessible both by taxi and railroad facilities. The frozen landscapes are ideal for snowshoeing and sleigh rides. And there is a 2.5 km snow trail with magical, wild arctic animals.

Bavarian Alps, Germany: one of the skiing countries to visit

The German Alps have 625 km of slopes for fun-seeking tourists. The best time to visit the highest mountain, Zugspitze, is between December and March. But there are other smaller skiing slopes too. You can spend the winter holidays with your family and enjoy all the winter-time sports. Apart from skiing and snowboarding, you can go sledding and snow hiking. The hotels in this region also offer horse riding, free Wi-Fi, heating, and ski storage facilities.

Quebec City, Canada: One of the best countries to visit for frost

If you are thinking about winter, Canada is an inevitable addition to the list. Quebec is a wonderful urban destination with multiple attractions. This affordable city is home to two popular Christmas markets. The stalls here sell everything from wooden toys to maple treats. You will also enjoy the giant toboggan slides while catching sight of Chateau Frontenac.

The toboggans take you down the hill with speeds of 70 km/hr. Apart from all the snow, you will love the cobblestoned alleys and European architecture. Besides, the festive treats, souvenirs, and spectacular views of the city from Observatoire de la Capitale are unforgettable.

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