7 Fun and unusual facts about traveling around the world

7 Fun and unusual facts about traveling around the world

There is nothing as satisfying as traveling around the globe and meeting new people. It is often the best way to experience the world differently and find out more about its occupants and their culture. Those who have traveled extensively will also admit that there are things you get to know onsite that you would not otherwise. Such experiences make vacationing even more fun. Some of the adventurous facts about travel include:

  • Panama Canal is one of the most beautiful shortcuts in the world

Panama Canal is known to be a stunning shortcut that connects the Atlantic Ocean with one of the biggest and deepest oceans in the world, the Pacific Ocean. The project started with France, but after some time, the United States took over. Since its completion, the Panama Canal has grown to be a renowned shortcut among many sailors. Its traffic has increased significantly ever since, and the canal has become very popular.

It has also become a route that captains use whenever they want to minimize the voyage distance between New York and California. By using the canal, ships get to avoid a total of additional 8000 miles. Crossing the canal is however expensive per passage and ships using the route end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Canada has more lakes than any other country in the world

You may not have known this, but Canada has more lakes than any other country in the world. 9% of the country’s surface is water. Canada contains lakes that are saltier than the ocean. It also has mineral lakes, lakes within lakes as well as seasonal lakes. The country alone has a total of 60% of the lakes found in the world.

Most of these lakes are of different sizes, shapes, and features. Their distinct nature makes them very special. You should also know that the country has what is known as the great lake system. The system consists of five lakes, including Michigan, Huron, Superior, Erie, and Ontario. The biggest lake in the country is the Great Bear Lake, and it is the eighth largest lake in the world.

  • In China, more than 30 million people live in caves
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It is an unusual fact that you can only know when you visit the country. Despite China being one of the best countries in terms of architectural structures, millions of people live in caves. It is because the caves are cheap and very accommodative. According to reports, many people who rent the caves never move out due to comfort. The caves also have a unique design and an incredible look.

Most of the caves don’t have plumbing, or on any other fancy design, they are modest with basic finishes. They come in three categories, including independent, underground, and cliff caves. What makes these caves very popular is the fact that they are energy efficient. Most of them exist in the Shaanxi province, which is known for good soil for farming and reasonable dwelling.

  • France is the country with more time zones in the world

France is a country everyone wishes to visit. This is because it has some of the best sceneries with renowned structures such as the Eiffel Tower. Their fashion and remarkable mode of living also make it a stunning place. What you don’t know is that it is also the only country in the world with the most time zones. It is followed closely by Russia then Antarctica.

The country covers a total of 12 time zones. It is because France has many of its territories overseas. If you take a look at your world map scratch, you will notice that the country borders Australia, Germany, Italy, and Spain. It means that when you are in the country, you should be ready to adjust your time whenever you pay a visit to some of the overseas spots.

  • Chocolate is consumed more in Switzerland

Chocolate is known to be an incredible snack that is loved worldwide. You should, however, know that there is no country where people consume more chocolate than Switzerland. In the country, a single person consumes about 22 pounds of chocolate in a year. It is so far the highest consumption rate. You may also conclude that this may be the case given that Switzerland is known to be the world’s biggest exporter of chocolates. It is so far one of the few places on earth where you will always find chocolates to be in abundance.

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Chocolate is consumed more in Switzerland

  • The Great Wall of China has some parts made with sticky rice

The Great Wall of China is a unique structure that is known worldwide. It is by far the most fantastic feature you can ever see. What you don’t know is that despite being hundreds of years old, some parts of the Great Wall of China are made with sticky rice. What makes it interesting is that the part made with sticky rice is also the strongest part of the wall, and it can withstand most damage. The wall was initially constructed to protect the Qin dynasty from invasion. The second construction was done later on making the wall stronger and better.

The Great Wall of China has some parts made with sticky rice

  • The Eiffel Tower is Painted Once Every Seven Years

One of the world’s most significant cultural iconic structures is the Eiffel tower. The monumental metallic building rising high above the ground in Paris is known to be painted once every seven years. The painting of the Eiffel tower is done using 60 metric tons of paint. The paint is said to be a protective cover that keeps the metallic tower from rusting. Painting is done manually using a hand brush. The tower is first stripped then repainted. It takes a total of 18 months, and the good news is that painting is done without closing it to the public.

Eiffel Tower

So far, those are some of the few unusual facts about traveling around. The more you visit different places, the more you will understand that the world is full of incredible facts. Some of these facts are historical and geographic, while some are cultural. You also get to have an incredible experience that you would not have known otherwise.

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