8 Solid Proof That Hiking Makes You Happier and Healthier

Hiking Makes You Happier

In life, there are certain goals that we must set for ourselves to feel a sense of fulfillment.

Most of the time, people think of their careers when it comes to something that brings them a sense of fulfillment. Although that can be true for some people, to others simply living a happier and healthier life brings fulfillment in and of itself.

On that note, there are many ways one can improve one’s life to make themselves happier and to make their bodies stronger at the same time. One of the ways to do that is through exercise.

However, to a lot of people, exercise often isn’t the most motivating or interesting thing to do. This is where hiking can help you.

Hiking is a form of exercise that will definitely help you be a happier individual and a physically fit one as well. Below are some of the ways hiking can do that for you.

You Stress Less

Stress has a lot of effects on an individual both in a physical sense and in a mental sense. If you’re stressed, you’ll find yourself with lower energy than usual. You may also find yourself not having a good night’s rest and so on. It can even affect your sense of judgment, as well as your concentration and focus.

The worse part is that stress is everywhere, so you really need to find a small pocket in your life where you can get away from it all. Otherwise, the burdens of stress might get to you. One way to stress less is to get some much needed time in nature.

Going hiking can help keep you grounded and can help you step out of your problems for a bit and look at it from a different perspective. It gives you time to center your thoughts and will help you tackle your stressors better.

You’re Less Anxious and Tensed

Anxiety can stop people from doing a lot of things that they want to do in life. Plus, due to your anxiety and overall tension, you are more susceptible to wearing down your overall mental capacity.

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Anxiety is very exhausting to the mind. With that said, getting into hiking can help reduce spikes of anxiety and tension in individuals.

You don’t need to go on a three-day hiking trip to even get this effect from hiking. Short hiking trips and walks around your area are enough to remove the tension from your body and let go of some of your fears for a while.

Your Mood is Improving

Your overall mood can play a role in how the rest of the day or even the week might play out for you. If you don’t keep a check on your mood, it might be affecting your relationships and the work that you do without you knowing.

As much as people like to think that they operate with logic and reasoning, sometimes our emotions get the better of us.

If you find yourself in a bit of a funk and are moodier lately, then hiking can help you uplift your mood a little bit.

Your Body is Healthy

Your physical status has a lot of say in your mental health. Given the emphasis on mental health these days, it’s surprising just how little like to acknowledge the fact that what you put your body through has an effect not only on your physical well-being but also on your mental health.

Some people are afraid of being too lazy or going to the gym if they haven’t been there before. With hiking, it’s easier to do, and anyone can do it. Whether young or old, sedentary or active, hiking is a great form of exercise to keep the body healthy.

If you feel the need for support, then make sure you have a solid pair of hiking shoes with you. You should also consider getting some hiking sticks to help give you a stronger footing.

You Sleep Better

How we sleep at night can determine how we live our waking moments much more than we notice. It can affect our mood, our physical state, our productivity, and so much more.

Thus, if you neglect your sleep, then you are bound to get some consequences.

One reason people have a hard time sleeping is because of how they’re constantly thinking. With hiking, rumination reduces so once you lay down for the night, you have an easier time falling asleep.

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You’re Recovering From Treatments

When it was mentioned that anyone could do hiking, we mean anyone. It’s all about the hiking trails and the length and duration of the hike that matters.

If you’re someone who has undergone some sort of major medical treatment and are looking to rebuild your physical condition, then you might want to consider hiking.

Of course, with the consultation of your doctor, hiking is a great way of building your body back up to a better state after it has gone through a lot with you.

You Develop Healthy Habits

If you get into hiking, you develop healthy habits funnily enough.

It’s not that easy to develop healthy habits. However, getting started on one is surely going to motivate you to get started doing and creating healthier habits for yourself in other aspects of your life.

You’re Having Fun

Last but not least, the best thing about hiking is how much fun it is to do without too much of an effort on your part. Even if you’re a beginner or a veteran at hiking, the best thing about the hike is the trail and all the sights you get to see.

No matter who you are, hiking rewards you by letting you experience and get into the beauty of mother nature. You can even consider taking some photos during your hike or if you’re an artist, drawing or sketching whatever you encounter on your hike is a great way to have more fun in your hikes.

Hiking is a fun activity that people of all ages and from different backgrounds can find some enjoyment out of. Aside from that, it’s a viable and simple way to get some exercise back into your life in one way or another.

If you find yourself wanting to be more proactive in terms of your overall happiness and well-being, then consider getting into hiking. You will surely not regret enjoying this activity and incorporating it into your life.


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