Most Haunted Places in America for Ghost Hunting

Most haunted places in America

If you are an adventurous kind of person then you should definitely enjoy some spooky trips. Have you ever been to a haunted place? Well, willingly or unknowingly you must have been somewhere. Most of us have been to such places at least once in our life. It can be an old building, the local cemetery or a farmhouse on the outskirts of the city. Here, we bring to you some of the most haunted places in America. Go ahead and read it you wish to visit some of these places.

Most Haunted Places in America

Talking of haunted paces, here we have a list of 15 places in the US which are been named as haunted by the local people as well as the authorities. Let’s take a look at these places. If you’ve been to any of these places then you must know it. If you haven’t and wish to visit someday then plan it out with your friends. On the contrary, if you don’t think that visiting haunted places is a kind of adventure then you must limit yourself to reading this article.

1. Pine Barrens, New Jersey

The Pine Barrens is a huge forest which covers an area of millions of acres as well as 7 counties. Located in New Jersey, this area was a hub of industries such as paper mills and sawmills. When coal was discovered in the west of Pennsylvania, the native people abandoned this entire place. This, in turn, made the entire Pine Barrens a ghost town. The people living in the surroundings believe that there are supernatural beings in this area. A popular belief regarding the Jersey Devil also exists here. It is said that she was the 13th child of Deborah Leeds, born in the year 1735. The Jersey Devil has been killing livestock since then and creeping out the natives of South Jersey as well.

2. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

Now known for its ghost tours, this spot was once a prison to many people. The Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia is one of the most haunted places in America and so this spot is in this list. Built in the year 1829, looked like a castle but was a new level of solitary confinement. Inmates had to live alone, eat alone, exercise alone, etc. When a prisoner was released, the person had his face covered so that no one could see them and vice versa. Further, the prisoners were tortured with utmost cruelty. It has been said that prisoners had their tongue chained with their wrists. Even though this is one example, there are many such stories of torture in this place. After closing down in 1970, this place turned into a tourist spot. Paranormal activities are common in here such as shadow figures, ghostly laughter, etc.

3. Cahaba, Alabama

Named after the longest river of the state this ghost town and the first capital of Alabama is a haunted place. You can visit this place if you are anywhere near the meeting point of Alabama and Cahaba. The entire land is filled with burial ground of slaves, empty buildings, etc. Currently, this place is a popular ghost tour centre. There are lots of paranormal activity stories related to this place out of which the luminous floating orb is the most famous one. The incident is known as Pegues’s Ghost as it occurred in Colonel C.C. Pegues’s house.

4. St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida

The St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida is a tourist spot for approximately 225000 visitors per year. This is definitely not the reason why it is in the list of most haunted places in America. The lighthouse gets so many visitors for a reason, which are the tragic events related to this place. Now a historic site, the lighthouse was a hub of paranormal activities. There has been a lot of deaths among which was a group of 3 girls. People visiting this place often hear the sounds of children playing in the lighthouse.

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5. Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago

Another haunted place which you might have visited if you live in Chicago or went for a trip to Chicago is the Lincoln Park Zoo. It is not only home for the wildlife but for ghosts as well. During the span of 1840 to late 1850s, the center of Lincoln Park Zoo served as a cemetery. Around 35000 bodies have been buried over here during that span of time. Eventually, the cemetery was shifted to a different location later on along with the bodies but not all of them. Since the inauguration of the zoo, many people have witnessed paranormal activities in here.

6. The Stanley Hotel

This spot too is a fine piece of spookiness. You will feel it in the ambience if you ever get to visit this place. Book a room to experience what it feels like to be in a haunted place. The spookiness lies in the interiors of the rooms. Walking down the corridor is enough for you to feel ghosts around you. Even the workers at the hotel have felt paranormal activities in and around the hotel. It is highly recommended that you don’t drink and walk around the hotel, else you might encounter some ghostly stuff yourself.

7. Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff, Arizona

In the list of most haunted places in America, here is another hotel with paranormal ambience. Yes, you will get to experience ghostly stuff here as well. You just might get to sleep next to a ghost if you are lucky enough. There was a guest in this hotel, who used to hang raw meat from the chandelier. The guest used to stay in room number 210. Have you ever stayed in that room? Do you wish to book that room?

Apart from this, there are some other incidents as well. One of which was two women being thrown from the 3rd floor of the hotel. All these incidents have given rise to a series of paranormal activities such as suffocating male guests in sleep, infants crying in a disturbing tone, and more.

8. San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio, Texas

This church is known for holding El Mariachi Mass on Sundays in Texas. Does this make the church one of the most haunted places in America? Well, the answer is no. What makes it the most haunted is the night at the church. You need to have a lot of courage to step inside the church at night. When the church was being renovated in the year 1936, workers found bones and nails beneath the altar. Visitors have reported multiple incidents of paranormal activities in the church at night. Further, there are photographs clicked at the church with shadowy figures in the background. Some people have also seen a ghost in the back of the church. A manly figure robed in black like a monk.

9. Mizpah Hotel, Tonopah, Nevada

Being one of the very first luxury hotels in Nevada, Mizpah Hotel gained a lot of popularity due to the paranormal incidents happening in the hotel. Even though the hotel was inaugurated in 1907, it was later restored in 2011 with granite walls and Victorian-era decoration. There is an incident of a woman dying on the 5th floor of the hotel. It is believed that her soul never left the place and even today she haunts people. Many men have reported of a woman whispering in their ears. Also, she is known for leaving a pearl on the guest’s pillow from her broken pearl necklace. In spite of fearing these incidents, the hotel honors it and has a Lady in Red Suite where people are allowed to stay. You too can stay in the suite if you wish to. All you need to do is book the suite.

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10. Moon River Brewing Company, Savannah, Georgia

This spot is the most haunted place in Savannah. Currently, it is a beerhouse and restaurant but this place has a huge history. The Moon River Brewing Company was a hotel in the year 1821 and then it became a hospital during the Civil War for the yellow fever victims. Due to all this, a lot of eerie incidents have taken place in this building. Customers who came to eat or drink over here have reported for incidents such as a woman staring down at them from the staircase. Also, a hurtful spirit named Toby has been felt lingering in the building’s basement.

11. Sultan’s Palace

The house might seem really beautiful now because of the French Quarter with a classic courtyard and wrought-iron balconies, but it wasn’t like this always. For the Sultan, during the 1800s, it was a horror. The actual horror happened when the Sultan died a mysterious death. It is said that he was buried alive while his wives, children and other members of the house were slaughtered. The person or people behind the incident are still unknown, but the house was drenched in blood during that time. This is the point where eerie activities started happing in the surroundings. People say that the Sultan’s angry spirit causes a lot of paranormal activities in the locality such as loud music and unusual noises. His strong incense smell is heavily felt in the house. Female visitors have also reported being groped by someone, which is predictably the Sultan’s spirit.

12. Villisca Axe Murder House

The story belongs to the year 1912 when the house became a crime scene. It was on 10th of June that year when Josiah B Moore and his family were murdered heinously. A total of 8 people were murdered which included Josiah, his wife, his four children and two girls. More than 100 years have passed but no one got to know who committed the crime and why. On the contrary, residents who came to live in the house, later on, have reported of sighting a man with an axe in his hand, children crying in the surroundings, etc. this is the reason why this house is in the most haunted places in America list. In the year 1994, the house was restored to its original form.

Currently, it is a ghost tour spot which is open for visitors from the month of April to November. There is no electricity in the house as all of it was removed during restoration. You can book a slot for yourself and your friends if you wish to visit the place. Torches are used to walk around the house.

13. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston, West Virginia

The asylum was inaugurated in the year 1864 and by 1950, it has reached its peak with 2400 plus patients. The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is known as one of the most haunted places in America. The asylum was originally designed to keep only 250 patients. Due to lack of space and cages for patients, things started turning around with patients acting violently and attacking staff members. A series of death of the patients led to the shutdown of the asylum in 1994. Now, it is a tourist spot where people come to see how patients used to survive in this asylum.

14. Calcasieu Courthouse, Lake Charles, Louisiana

A cold-blooded murder committed by Toni Jo Henry in the year 1940 brought her to the attention of common people. She was a prostitute by profession and was convicted by the jury after three trials. She was also the first woman in Louisiana to be executed in an electric chair. It is believed that her spirit is still there in the courthouse. The employees and workers at the courthouse have felt her presence and reported for a smell of burning hair.

15. Pittock Mansion, Portland, Oregon

The Pittock Mansion was built in the year 1909 by Henry and Georgiana Pittock. It was an innovative construction which was a dream home for the Pittocks during their golden years. Unfortunately, the couple passed away within 10 years of building this beautiful mansion. Henry died in the year 1919 while Georgiana died in 1918. With reports of paranormal activities, this house is now a public landmark. People have sensed the smell of roses which were adored by Georgiana and the childhood painting of Henry shifting from one position to another.

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