Simple concepts of elevated house design

elevated house design

Choosing a house with an elevated design is a big decision. It will shape how you live in your home. Modern elevated house design needs to include many different areas, such as multi-use spaces, open-plan living, smaller house ideas, multi-story houses, and maybe even underground solutions. So regardless of whether you’re going for something worthy of being on Grand Designs or just to buy off the plan, there’s a lot to think about.

When it comes to elevated house design, there are so many beautiful styles on the market right now – from green and sustainable, to barn and farmhouse, to modern concrete, to white and bright, and so much more. With so many options, it can be pretty overwhelming to know where to begin. To help you get started on your home project, here are some of the modern and simple concepts of elevated house design, including everything from floor plans, tiny cottages, entry-level family homes, and more. So, Let’s Dive in!

Central living three-bedroom plans

There’s nothing that says the home’s heart more than a central living area with bedrooms coming off in all directions. Complete with a garage, multiple bathrooms, walk-in-robes, and an outdoor terrace – this seems like a dreamy house!

A one-bedroom apartment elevated house design

With a one-bedroom apartment, you may (or may not) be lucky to play with a little bit of space to have defined areas. This floor plan would have a perfect breakfast bar and a dining table if you had a few friends.

A multi-level three-bedroom home

For the inner-city living, multiple floors are so typical, and you’d be surprised if you came across a single-floor house. This example floor plan has all the bedrooms compacted together and communal areas, plus a garage, on the bottom floor.

elevated house design

Contemporary family home

If you have a large family and want a contemporary home to suit your style, this is the perfect house for you. Complete with large windows overlooking a gorgeous blue pool – it’s a kids’ (and adults’) paradise!

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Barn-style home -elevated house design

With 1,878 square feet, this beautiful white timber plan offers three bedrooms and open living spaces. The best part: the kitchen has a huge island, which creates a central gathering spot for snacking, socializing, and enjoying time with family and friends. Another bonus: extra space in the garage!

elevated house design

Modern suburban cottage

Cottages in clusters of tree-lined streets are a dime a dozen and highly sought after. Their petiteness can be adorable, but sometimes they are frankly just too small for today’s living. But that’s why I’ve included this lovely house that has had a modern addition added, so you can keep the historical cottage but make it work for your family.

Modern farmhouse- elevated house design

To update your farmhouse, look at replacing (or, in this case, repainting) all-natural timbers to a crisp light white. That will instantly modernize your country manor. You can also look to replace window treatments, add skylights throughout, fit bi-fold doors, and install modern fixtures throughout. It will make the statement, everything old is new again, ring true.

Understated cottage

Don’t be fooled by the stunning yet straightforward blue-grey front of this home; the interior is full of luxurious features, including a vaulted ceiling in the combined grand room, kitchen, and dining area. You can’t see it in this picture, but the house has a walk-out lower level, making it ideal for a sloped lot. The master bedroom, fitted with an ensuite, is located on the main level, while bedrooms two and three can be found downstairs separated by an additional bathroom and laundry room.

Modern Mediterranean house

Classic Mediterranean architecture and design means terracotta, exposed wooden beams, and bright colors used throughout styling, wall colors, and most importantly, tiles. But it’s a look that can date quite quickly, so what if you could modernize it by using lots of white and concentrate color with pops of it in one item, instead of large scale color schemes. Well, here’s what it could look like.

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elevated house design

Old and New Mix

When building your home, you don’t have to start from scratch. This corner block combines an old brick structure with a new modular design that looks stunning from the street. The simple, geometric addition stands independently from the brick, working nicely with the original design. A glass link corridor defines the two architectural styles and even allows for a walk-in pantry. Bright and light internal spaces lie behind the home’s shiny black exterior. Open plan kitchen, living, and dining areas effortlessly flow out into the garden and pool area. And the design makes the most of the view, with the city’s skyline framed perfectly through the windows upstairs.
Elevated ceiling heights

Natural light is one of the most requested concepts of the elevated house design. That is a lovely addition that you could include in your renovation to make your living space seem a lot larger and appeal to the open plan living requirements.

Curved wall- elevated house design

Curves are back, and it is about architecture and interior design. I’ve seen them in bathrooms, hallways and here is a lovely living room space that uses a horizontal rather than a vertically curved wall.

Light and airy

When it comes to space, floor-to-ceiling windows or curtains make any room appear larger. High ceilings also make it seem significantly roomier.

Go green roof of elevated house design

Green roofs are being used as a critical element of elevated house design in sustainable housing. Besides being great for the environment and your home’s overall sustainability, they also add value to your house’s visual appearance. Make the most of the space by adding your favorite flowers, herbs, or vegetables. And if you like to bask in the sun, add an outdoor dining table and chairs.

Contemporary concrete

A two-story grey house is as modern as they get. It has a stunning slick design with expansive wide windows that allow plenty of natural light inside. The front of the home features a simple landscaped area with gravel and greenery.

So these are some of the great but simple concepts of the elevated house design.

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