Choose the perfect accent wall and color for wall painting design for bedroom

wall painting design for bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important spaces in a house. It has to be harmonious and provide adequate rest and sleep. So the accent and color become very significant in crafting such enjoyable interiors. The wall painting design for bedroom must suit your personality and blend with various elements.

The designer has to factor in personal, social, recreational, aesthetic, and emotional needs. He or she has to select cutting edge design features that match the other elements of the room. Let us look at the key factors that sway the artist’s imagination, creativity, design options, and cost.

Choice of walls

Accent walls in the bedroom make a lot of difference. They create a spacious look and feel without any clutter. But you have to choose the right wall to achieve this spectacular and satisfying effect. Usually, an interior wall is best as it stands apart due to the alluring accents.

The color, pattern, and material of this wall are distinct and unique. You can also occasionally choose an exterior wall for providing the accent. It should be in a position to create an illusion of larger or smaller spaces. But experts in wall painting design for bedroom insist on an ideal accent.

The wall behind the headboard can become a focal point. Other walls in the bedroom can also serve this main purpose. Use the following tips to scan the interiors and make a wall choice carefully:

  • Choose the wall that immediately draws the attention of anyone who enters the room.
  • As you wake up, do you see the eyes wandering in the direction of this particular wall?
  • Pick the walls that are unobstructed by wardrobes, bureaus, and other furniture.
  • Choose a wall that will not be too cluttered or too bare after designing. It shouldn’t be too small or big for the design in mind.
  • The wall should not pop out and give an unbalanced look to the room.
  • Windows and any off-center positioned elements also disqualify a wall due to asymmetry. If there are any windows, you might have to incorporate it into the design to generate a balanced look.
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Note: Some designers might not get satisfied with any of the available accent walls. So, they choose the ceiling and use contrasting colors to give a cozy look to the bedroom.

Color wall painting designs for bedroom

It is vital to pick the best accent wall, but you cannot expect it to create a mystical beauty with any splash of color and design. The choice of color goes a long way in achieving the desired accent, look, and feel. Use these robust techniques and choose the ideal coloring pattern for your bedroom:
  • Green, blue, purple, and their various shades have a cooling effect. They pull the eyes away from the wall and make the room appear very large. They are versatile and can soothe our nerves.
  • Color the side of a narrow bedroom with cool colors to make it appear wider, versatile, and welcoming.
  • The different shades of red, orange, and yellow are fiery, warm, and sunny. The eyes get pulled in the direction of the wall accented with these colors. The spaces appear small, and the room becomes very bold and vivid.
  • The wall at the end of a long and narrow bedroom deserves a warm color accent. The colors advance in space and have an overwhelming effect on anyone in the room.
  • Beige, baggy, black, taupe, white, and ivory are neutral colors. Their shades can give a subtle effect to the accent wall. Not all walls have to be colored with vivid or cool hues.
  • The wall painting design for bedroom can have monochromatic shades. You can also match them with the bedding’s color. Just go a shade or two deeper to create a saturated undertone.

Finally, different colors have a unique and memorable effect on you. So, you have to become proficient in mixing and matching the colors. The right blend can achieve a serene, light-hearted, upbeat, delighted, happy, or bright mood.

Once you are done with the choice of colors, the rest of the project is a breeze. Painting the accent wall is not difficult or tedious. It would help if you learned how to enhance the appearance by adding appropriate finishes. You can also add artwork and other architectural elements for more accent.

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Do’s of wall painting design for bedroom

High-quality interior spaces will enhance the beauty of your house with scintillating and decorative colors. The design experts always stress on elegant and easy accents. Each home is unique, and it has to stand apart with special accents. Here are a few tips and tricks to pick the right color scheme for your room.
  • Think laterally and try out unconventional coloring for your accent wall. Do not restrict the accent project to merely painting a wall. Use the paint in innovative ways to create perfect stripes or special finishes.
  • Make an impactful style statement by opting for a metallic decoration.
  • The accent wall can still shine forth even in a neutral room. Yes, it does work well with bright colors like blue and red. But a dark brown, hickory, or brunette wall in a neutral color scheme is also very attractive and dramatic.
  • A bright accent against other whitewashed walls looks chic and impressive. But accents also work well with light to medium shades. Try bright accents with neutral colors like beige, greige, and grey.
  • For white rooms, accent with mid-tone colors to soften the contrast.

Don’ts in wall painting design for bedroom

  • Don’t be too conservative or traditional with the color scheme. Choose bold and trendy shades for adding the accent. Find a hue that makes you happy and co-ordinate the accents accordingly.
  • Don’t forget accents are not limited to walls and painting alone. You can decorate ceilings with soft colors and separate them from the walls using white crown molding.
  • Finally, don’t forget temporary wallpapers with chic styling, dazzling colors, and pretty designs.
  • You can also experiment with stone, tiling, photo gallery, artwork, and walls draped in fabric.
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