6 ideas for Creating the Perfect Lighting Look!!

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Lighting ought to reflect the uses and feel of every space, whether indoors or outdoors. The lighting and fixtures that you select for the different rooms in your house can make or break them. Appropriate and aesthetically appealing lighting makes any workplace comfortable and more enjoyable for its staff. Needless to mention, their productivity levels also depend on how apt the lighting is.

Outdoor spaces such as public gardens, restaurants, movie halls and shopping malls also need to have the perfect lighting look. This is a significant means of attracting huge crowds, and thus flourishing the business.

Various types of lighting have unique characteristics well suited for achieving different lighting effects. In this massive and elaborate collection of lighting styles, fixtures and lamps, finding a good fit for your lighting needs and the taste is sure to daunt you.

Here are 6 ideas for creating the perfect lighting look:

Choose the new Soft Gold Finish – A perfect blend of soft matte finish, mellow gold, the soft gold lighting style works excellently for contemporary as well as farmhouse decors. Soft gold lighting also benefits advertisements and corporate videos incredibly. The reason is that soft light doesn’t focus on shadows, and minimizes the effects of wrinkles and blemishes.

You can use soft gold lighting in various ways to get maximal effects. For instance, for appealing overhead lighting, install fixtures that highlight the gold. Alternatively, look for fixtures that also have soft colours such as matte silver as it goes well with the soft gold colour.

Soft gold lighting is ideal for drawing attention to certain areas of your sitting room. For instance, how about fixing a soft gold overhead reading lamp for throwing light on the reading chair and bookshelf at the corner?

Go for the Reformed Industrial Style – Unlike the traditional industrial lighting with rustic finishes, a prominence to metal and neutral colours, the reformed or upgraded industrial lighting fits more artistically in any modern-age decor.

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This type of modern retro lighting design provides a special twist to the kitchen and the dining areas. Moreover, the finer details and sleeker metals of the upgraded lighting find good use of the fixture itself as an art piece on the wall or the centrepiece of your house.

So, go ahead with these modern, alternative designs and tones, and get over the hesitation of adding industrial features to your house. The 21st-century industrial lighting is all about art, sleek finishes and varied tones.

Choose Warmer Vintage Edison-style Bulbs – These nostalgically designed bulbs are an upcoming soft style adding to this year’s vintage lighting fashion. The Edison-Style bulbs with their curved surface and cone-like shape are ideal particularly for the living room and the kitchen in your house.

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Look forward to a genuine retro experience as these bulbs exude old-fashioned charm in your home! For maximal effect, hang a crystal chandelier composed of Edison-style bulbs right above the centre table in your living room.

If you’re looking for a more practical alternative, i.e. in terms of longer life and less power consumption, go for the LED variations of the Edison-style bulbs.

Look for Mid-century Modern Lighting – An ideal combination of traditional and voguish, mid-century modern lighting is best described by geometric designs and vibrant colours. This fun-filled and laid-back style of lighting originates from the decades around the 1950s. It truly emphasizes a fine balance of shape and art.

Choose from a variety of amazing mid-century modern lighting options, ranging from ceiling lights to wall scones to floor and desk lamps.

The much-liked sputnik chandelier is a classic example of the mid-century modern lighting style, with its clean lines and sharply cut form. The Sputnik, an iconic design, is typically made up of brass arms, each stretching out to hold a single light bulb.

Go Green with LEDs – While much of the power of incandescent bulbs convert into heat, the environmentally friendly LEDs are remarkably power-efficient and long-lasting.

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Furthermore, LED lighting is available in myriad styles, colours, shapes and brightness levels. So, LED lighting makes a great choice when you desire a unique lighting design for your home.

LED lighting benefits office spaces also, providing remarkable atmospheric light for the work tasks. Also, their cooler-burning bulbs do not pose any fire hazards when used as decorative lights. So, this year, you can easily plan to decorate your Christmas tree with lovely strings of colourful LEDs!

Larger Lighting is Better – Bigger fixtures work well for specific areas of your house, and help produce a “Wow” factor by capturing instant attention. What more reason for you to fall in love with such lighting?

Larger lighting fixtures indeed work best as centrepieces. Those with ornamented designs grab all the focus in an area on the fixture. Use large-sized pendant lighting above the kitchen island or the dining table for the maximum effect.

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While considering bigger lighting options for the outdoors, pendant lighting is very effective at the foyer and alongside exterior footpaths.


So, now you’ve got an insight into creating the perfect lighting look. Once you’ve thought over all the different aspects of lighting and fixtures, choose your style and enjoy the effects of the lighting look.

Whether you’re building a new home or planning to renovate your old house, there is a lighting style to suit your needs perfectly.

You also have various options of lighting to choose from in case you’re running a business, for instance, in the restaurant industry or the ad world.

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