How to find the best event planning near me?

event planning near me

Event management has become a more popular profession nowadays. People are looking for event planning near me to make the events successful and stress-free. Nowadays, you will find out several event halls, banquets, and other different types of venues scattered all around the city and country. Based on the location and area, the prices of these venues differ. During the event season, all of them become packed up for reception parties for different reasons. Hence, you must make a booking in advance. Before booking the best event planning near me, there are some factors that you need to consider. Here are the:

Setup your Budget

Your budget for the event will be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing your event planning company. Don’t put a downer on the proceedings by swooning over an unattainable property. By sticking in and around your main budget point, you should not overspend in one area resulting in heightened stress levels further along in your planning journey.

Confirm the Guest List – Best event planning near me

If you have a large family and a wide circle of friends, an intimate venue with limited seating won’t cater to your 180+ guest list. Therefore, you need to confirm the estimation of guests who are going to come on that day. Based on that you need to choose your venue.

Event date

You will more than likely have a specific time of the year in mind when tying the knot. Maybe you have always dreamed of a perfect wedding party in June, or perhaps a magical Christmas party is at the top of your wish list. Don’t be disheartened if your preferred date isn’t available at your venue of choice. Keep in mind that Saturdays and bank holiday weekends tend to fill up fast. There’s no rule book saying you can’t opt for a midweek celebration, so ask your event planning team about alternative dates. You may even score a better value package by avoiding peak times.

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event planning near me

Event Location- event planning near me

The event location is also another deciding factor for choosing your event. Venues in the prime areas are always costly. People book those venues for the sake of better connectivity options. Think very carefully about your choice of location and how far you are willing to travel on your big day. For instance, it’s unrealistic to book a venue that’s over 90 minutes away from your parish church. Not only will this be an awkward trek for your guests, but who wants to spend a massive chunk of their event day stuck in a car!? The day itself will pass by in a flash, and you will want to savor every moment with your loved ones.

Church Event Or Civil Ceremony- event planning near me

First of all, you need to confirm whether it will be a Church Event Or Civil Ceremony or a simple office party. Civil and humanist ceremonies are becoming hugely popular with wedding couples. Not only will you enjoy the convenience of hosting your whole day in one location, but you can also add your stamp on the proceedings to reflect who you are as a couple. If you and your partner are hoping to take this route, it is essential to check if your venue features a suitable setting. Will space caters to your entire guest list, or will you need to reduce your numbers solely for this part of the day? Is there an extra charge for the suit hire, and what details are covered in your package?

event planning near me

Compatible with theme

You must confirm that the venue will be compatible with your theme. If you are a girly-girl and have set your heart on a pink color scheme with lots of sparkles, then a gothic-style medieval castle is going to contradict your overall theme. You get our drift.

Compatible with other suppliers – event planning near me

Is there a photographer you seriously fan-girl over on Instagram that you just have to hire to shoot your event? Or maybe the band you saw at your pal’s wedding was epic and had the dance floor lit all night long. Either way, you need to be prepared for the fact that they might be pre-booked on your date. Evaluate your priorities and compromise on which element of your day is more important to you as a couple.

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Meet you event Coordinator

This first meeting is so, so important – you cannot stress this enough. A natural spark and good rapport from the off are essential. Nothing should be too much trouble on the most important day of your lives, and the venue’s event management team should be selling this to you from the get-go. If the coordinator is super busy, going through the motions, or just plain uninterested during your first meeting, this will generally set the tone for your future dealings with them.

event planning near me

Facilities for longer Stay- event planning near me

Particularly useful if you are planning a whole weekend celebration. Maybe you would like a relaxing spa day with your main ladies before the big day, or for convenience, you may wish to nurse your hangover while hosting your day-after party in the same venue.

Corkage charge

Different charges apply at various venues, and this is one hidden cost that can add up quickly. If purchasing your wine wholesale is an option, be sure to ask how much corkage your potential venue charges in this instance. Explore thoroughly and do your sums before committing to this option. And don’t be afraid to haggle on price!

Proper light

You can leave all these to your team for event planning near me. A dark, dreary room with no windows can be very uninviting and lacking in atmosphere. Take pictures on your phone and make a note of the brightness in the venue itself. If there are no windows, ask if you can view the room with its up-lighting turned on.

You need to consider the above-mentioned vital things while choosing the best event planning near me. Do consider all these things and prepare your wedding venue perfect for the big day. You must confirm everything is in proper tune before the special day.

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