How To Set Up Best Leopard Gecko Humidifier

How To Set Up Best Leopard Gecko Humidifier

They come from the harsh, rugged terrain of Southeastern Afghanistan, Western India, Pakistan, Iraq and Iran and now they a household name the United States and all across the world. Leopard geckos are one of the most celebrated reptiles in the herpetoculture industry. These docile lizards come from areas with desert fringes and walking grasslands but over the period of time, they have adapted themselves to easily domesticate with us, humans. Nevertheless, it is important to set up a natural habitat for them and replicate the same indigenous environment for them. A leopard gecko vivarium humidifier is a must if you’re planning to domesticate a gecko lizard and to replicate the hot humid environment you need to set up the vivarium with a suitable humidifier that will prove to be very beneficial for your leopard gecko.


This is a frequently asked question and it is necessary to understand the importance of a good humidifier. A good humidifier will ensure a comfortable environment and will create a homely environment for your gecko.

  • leopard gecko humidifiers have a particular climate control system which helps you to maintain the humidity level of the vivarium.
  • These leopard gecko humidifiers are quite versatile as they can help propel a large number of species ranging from geckos, bearded dragons and snakes
  • Circulating water provides water for Chameleons and leopard Geckos humidifier plus the fountain adds beneficial humidity to the habitat.
  • Humidifiers are a blessing to your gecko during the time of shedding. Leopard geckos need added moisture and humidity when they shed their skin. Humidity helps in easily and painlessly shedding the skin.
  • They tend to develop bacterial infections due to the high amount of humidity. So, a proper humidity control system is mandatory for your reptile’s well-being as failing to do that might rupture the growth of your pet.
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Some of the best humidifiers in the market are as follows:

     1. Evergreen leopard gecko humidifier: It comes with a compact, ultrasonic, cool mist humidifying fogger and an adjustable fog output control which is perfect for pets requiring a humid environment.

     2. Betazero leopard gecko humidifier: It has a large capacity tank of 2.5 litres, and the maximum fog output range from 150ml to 320ml per hour, ensuring your pet to feel completely comfortable for a long time.

     3.  Esumic leopard gecko humidifier: An ultrasonic atomizer which has the capability of           emitting negative ions which helps in purifying the air by making it fresher and healthier hence killing the bacteria and dust particles.

     4. Zoo med reptilian leopard gecko humidifier: This leopard gecko humidifier provides a best in class adjustable humidifier control which regulates the humidity inside the terrarium and also provides Fog control to make it as required. It comes with a hygrotherma which further helps in to drop down humidity to exact levels.

Leopard geckos require a specific humidity of 40% or less. To ensure a proper rate of humidity uses a hygrometer along with a reptile fogger. A reptile fogger is a humidifier with a bendable hose that releases humid air directly into the enclosure of the gecko. However, make sure to keep the humidity in check and not go beyond 40%. Too much humidity can cause fungal infections leading to skin and respiratory problems.

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Setting up a perfect humidifier requires a humidified shelter or a moist box which also acts as a spot to facilitate shedding. You can set up a moist hideaway by lining a shelter or a box with moist substrate like moss, peat moss, sphagnum moss. Don’t forget to add a humidity gauge to monitor the humidity easily.

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