IOTransfer review

IOTransfer review

IOTransfer is a leading backup and device management software that is designed for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, etc. This type of device management simplifies the transfer of photos, videos, music, document, and other important files from one iOS device to another with just a click. This software automatically syncs or updates the system right after you complete the transfer process, which also enables the user to immediately access the files from anywhere and anytime. 

IOTransfer is accompanied with a free video downloader feature that allows you to download videos from different websites. IOTransfer 4 is a simple yet effective transfer and management tool which also helps you to import and export content. This is the reason it is also considered as a perfect alternative for iTunes. An additional feature of this management tool is that it supports optimized Videos feature so that you can download the videos to watch them offline. 

Features of IOTransfer

There are various features of IOTransfer which makes it a unique management tool: – 

  • IOTransfer’s allows you to move files quickly between your computer and your iOS device. Also, it acts as a great iOS device manager and allows you to compress the images so that you can save space on your iOS devices.
  • It has also newly developed AIR-TRANS, which allows you to adopt the WIFI Direct technology that allows you to transfer files wirelessly between your PC and iOS devices on the same local network. It also has a newly added Converter feature in Videos that helps you to effortlessly convert video files without worrying about the unsupported video file format.
  • IOTransfer is also an ultimate iOS device management software that helps you to backup your device securely. This helps all the photos, videos, music, and other app data to be stored on your PC after complete backup.
  • It also consists of iCloud Photo manager, and using this; you can easily manage your iCloud photos. For this, you can easily sign in using your Apple ID and get instant access to all your photos, videos, etc. that are saved on the iCloud.
  • You also get a YouTube video downloader where you can actually download YouTube videos from your YouTube to your PC or iOS device. Using this feature, you can convert the videos to any popular formats and then transfer them between the devices.
  • It also allows you to clean your device as most of the time, your phones might be filled with unwanted apps, photos, and videos. Therefore, using this software, you can easily clear all these unwanted elements, and this way, you save a lot of space on your iOS devices. Also, you can easily clear unwanted cache to save extra space and use your devices smoothly.
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How to use IOTransfer 4 manager?

  • In order to use IOTransfer 4, you need to install it from the official website, and after this, you need to connect your iOS devices with a USB cable. After you have connected the device with the computer, you will see a home page where you can see the option to transfer your files.
  • If you want to import or export the files between your iOS devices, you can use the “Manage” tab. Also, this is where you can remove unwanted apps from your devices by choosing the “Apps” option.
  • After the Manage tab, you will find the “Clean” option. Using this feature, you can clear up all the junk files easily and free space on your devices so that you can easily use your phone in smooth condition.
  • Next, you will find a “Videos” tab, and you can use this as a video downloader and converter. By selecting the “Downloader” option, you can easily download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. by simply copying and pasting the video link. You can also transfer the downloaded videos to your devices. 
  • In the next tab, you will find the “AIR-TRANS” feature, which will help you to connect your iOS devices wirelessly with the PC and allow you to transfer files between the devices without using a USB cable. However, in order to activate this feature, you need to download AirTrans app from the app store, and then you can connect both the devices by clicking the “Start Transfer” option in the PC and by scanning the QR code you can use the AirTrans app in your device
  • The last tab you will find is the “Tools” tab, and here you will find some new and latest development tools like Instagram downloader, gif maker, and so on.
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IOTransfer 4 is, therefore, a powerful iOS device management tool, and you can try out its seven-day trial version where you can access unlimited features. It offers you a clean user interface, file cleaner, which is a great iTunes alternative.

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