Benefits Of Tinting Car Windows

Tinting Car Windows

Your vehicle is one of the most expensive and important investments next to your home. In addition to regular maintenance, repairs and cleaning your automobile, many car owners also choose to aesthetically care for and enhance their vehicles. Car windows are a crucial part of car care and maintenance. However, many just think of window film when caring for car windows, instead of tinting car windows as well. Car window tinting is not only an aesthetic enhancement to a vehicle, but also provides long-term functional benefits and protection to your vehicle.

The following article breaks down what and how window tinting works, the benefits of tinting your car windows and the various reasons to do so depending on the owner’s needs.

The Purpose and Process Of Tinted Windows


Virtually clear window films are used for a number of reasons on the vehicle. Some vehicle manufacturers may design car windows with a factory tint installed, though that is generally only on the rear windows. However, people choose to have all of their windows tinted after they purchase their vehicle. For many, the purpose is for privacy. However, there are several other reasons as well. There are primarily two types of window tinting processes for aftermarket window tinting. The first is OEM tinted glass, which involves the tint being mixed into the glass during manufacturing. This is a fairly light tint and can be the more expensive option.

Film tint is the most common and popular window tinting option. This window tint requires the glass to be treated in a certain way before the polymer film is applied over it. After it is applied, however, the window tint may be prone to some bubbling, which is why it is crucial for a professional to apply it.

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Benefits Of Car Window Tinting

There has been extensive research conducted proving how viable car window tinting can be not only for aesthetic purposes, but for the functionality of the vehicle as well. Here are the top benefits of car window tinting:

1. Prevents Upholstery From Wearing and Fading

Your vehicle is a valuable asset and investment and you want to do everything you can to ensure it lasts and is operational for as long as possible. Professionally installed car window tinting is an effective way to keep your investment protected. Window film consistently blocks and prevents harsh sun rays from damaging and causing wear and fading to the vehicle’s interiors. The vehicle’s upholstery can become warped, cracked and discoloured when exposed to the sun. Window tinting can also block windshield glare, which helps prevent eye fatigue on the driver from direct sunlight. 

2. Blocks Harmful UV Rays

Car window tinting can block as much as 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can cause eye fatigue, expedite skin ageing and even cause skin cancer. Ultraviolet light is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Exposure to ultraviolet light can also cause skin burns, darken the skin and be dangerous to the driver on the road. Even a light tint or a completely clear window film offers a form of UV protection, which can block out damaging UVA and UVB rays. For drivers that are on the road for extended periods of time, window film protection can effectively safeguard against UV ray damage.

3. Blocks Solar Heat

It can be difficult to find a suitable air conditioning temperature for all passengers in a vehicle at one time. Tinting Car Windows can resolve this issue, as it can block anywhere from 35-65% of solar heat that forms in a vehicle. This can help balance out the temperature and comfort in the vehicle and reduce fuel consumption from overuse of the air conditioner. 

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4. Offers Shattered Glass Protection

One of the top safety benefits of having window film applied and installed is that it helps prevent window glass from shattering if something hits it. Therefore, in the event of a car accident or similar situation, passengers are protected from broken glass shards that can eject through the window. In addition, thieves can find it difficult to break into the vehicle through the tinted glass.

Offers Shattered Glass Protection

5. Provides Security and Privacy

Window tinting is available in a range of different shading to provide drivers and their passengers with a certain level of protection and privacy. The window tint keeps you comfortable and private in your own vehicle while you’re stationary in traffic, driving on the road or when parked. Darkened window film can prevent thieves from seeing into the vehicle and will likely make your automobile much less of a target. This can provide peace of mind for car owners to understand that their vehicle is protected and the possessions inside are safeguarded and blocked from the public eye.

SRS Tinting Car Windows Solutions provides affordable vehicle services for window tinting, paint protection, vinyl wraps and ceramic protective coating installations. Trusting professional car window film installers to apply your window film ensures safe, reliable and efficient protection for your investment. At SRS Tinting Car Windows Solutions, they are committed to ensuring the comfort, protection and style of a vehicle to improve the overall driving experience.

To learn more about Tinting Car Windows, the options for different vehicle types and book a service, visit our shop.

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