Party Planning Tip: Tips in Organizing an Awesome Hen Party

Party Planning Tip: Tips in Organizing an Awesome Hen Party

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It’s quite stressful to plan a wedding. You need to pick a nice wedding dress, check with the party vendors, confirm hotel bookings, finding the perfect wedding necklace and more. All these things can take a toll on your skin and emotional health. Before your most special day, you need to take a long break. You should go out with your girls and celebrate your last few weeks of freedom with an unforgettable hen do. Below are our hen party planning tips that you can use for your own celebration:

You should never do it alone

Party Planning Tip: Tips in Organizing an Awesome Hen Party

Photo by Court Prather on Unsplash

You’re already stressed out with your wedding preparations so you should enlist the help of your bridesmaids when you plan your hen party celebration. Outline the things you need to do and try designating the tasks. This will help you organize the party more efficiently. Ask one of your girls to be in charge of the accommodation and the others for arranging the transport.

Set the budget and stick to it

With the help of your gals, you can list down all the possible expenses of the celebration. How much do you have to pay for the accommodation? What sort of activities are you going to do? How long do you plan to celebrate your hen do? Where do you plan to celebrate? Calculate all the possible expenses and ask the girls how much they can chip in.

Choose a hen party theme that suits you

In choosing a party theme, you should always consider your preferences and needs. What type of bride are you? Do you prefer traditional and conservative hen party? Or do you want something more exciting? We’ve gathered the most popular party themes in the hen party business today:

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     1. Spa Party Getaway

Your overall well-being might get severely affected by all the wedding preparations. Regain your energy and your skin’s youthful glow by going on a spa holiday. You can enjoy a nice massage session, facial treatment and foot spa with your closest girlfriends. 

     2. Beach Babe Hen Do

If you love the beach and you don’t mind getting your skin tanned a few weeks before you get hitched, you can host a beach babe hen do. You can go surfing, bar hopping, kayaking, banana boating and even snorkeling with your pals. There are so many beautiful beach destinations you can choose from.

     3. Pole Dancing Party

If you want something fun and exciting for your gals, you can arrange a pole dancing hen pan party. This party idea works even if you never tried pole dancing before. You can all learn how to swing around the pole while a seasoned pole dancer teaches the right moves. Even if you don’t end up learning how to pole dance, you will surely have some good laugh or if you’re into naughtier stuff you could hire a male stripper.

     4. Paintballing Bachelorette Party

A paintballing hen do is not for a faint-hearted bride-to-be or bridal squad. However, you can’t deny the fact that it’s a great way to shake off your stress and worries. You have to suit up and create a nice tactic so you can win the game against the competing team. If you don’t mind ditching your heels and pretty dresses, you will surely love a good paintball game.

     5. Makeup Bachelorette Party

A makeup hen do party will help you and your bridal squad learns what type of makeup and hairstyle look you should use for the big day. The makeup artists and hairstylists can help everyone understand how to choose the right products for a certain type of skin.

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Final preparations

Party Planning Tip: Tips in Organizing an Awesome Hen Party

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

Once you sort out the basic things such as the accommodations, schedule, budget and party theme, you can proceed to do the final preparations. First, you need to make sure that you have everyone’s contact numbers. Double check the guest list and collect the numbers or contact email.

You also need to remind the girls of the date and venue of the party. Confirm their attendance so you can make necessary adjustments in case one of your girls can’t make it. As much as possible, you should book the accommodations, flights and train rides together so you don’t wait for each other in case someone’s trip gets delayed or canceled.

When you pack your things, most especially if you will celebrate your hen do abroad, you should have all your personal essentials with you. Bring your medicine and a first aid kit. Also, pack the right clothes and shoe with you. If you’re going to walk around with your gals, better bring comfy shoes with you.

Use our tips above so you can have a superb celebration. We hope that you enjoy your bachelorette party with all your closest girlfriends.

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