Anal vibrators

Anal Vibrators

Nowadays, men and women would like to explore sexualities with their partners and sex toys really help couples maintain sexual desire in long-term relationships. Similar to dildos, anal vibrators are also loved by both sexes. They are safe and effective for g-spot stimulation and relief of physiological needs.

What is an anal vibrator?

An anal vibrator is designed to stimulate the anus. It has a custom powerful vibration mode that will help bring users an extremely enjoyable experience. In general, it is smaller than a vibrator, measuring 4 to 6 inches in length and 1 inch in width. It works with batteries and has several stimulating effects; such as pulsating, rotating, and vibrating. Depending on your preferences, you can adjust its speed and effects.

What are its types?

The beginner anal vibrator comes in three different forms.

Vibrating Anal Probes 

Small and similar to the size of a finger, a vibrating anal probe is a sex toy for beginners. It is smaller than a butt plug but it has the same vibration performance. If you want to try it for the first time, a small anal vibrator is the best choice. Built with a narrow frame, it is created to slide through the hole and create vibrations.

Vibrating butt plugs 

These vibrating butt plugs are designed to stay inside the anus and vibrate. The cool thing about these plugs is that they can stay in the anus while you enjoy other “activities” with your partner. Although some look like penises, they have other shapes like ribbed or wavy plugs. They are designed by the manufacturer with high-grade materials such as latex, silicone, wood, metal, glass, and stone. To work on your role-playing ideas or fetishes, you can buy a push-pull anal vibrator with a ponytail.

Vibrating balls and beads 

Here, several marbles or beads are fastened together in a detachable cord with power control. The best part is that besides creating different levels of vibration, it can be put and pulled through the back door to make the foreplay for couples become more interesting. As the marbles or beads pass through the sphincter, the vibration creates intense stimulation from gentle romantic to powerful enchanting. Although it is made in a variety of sizes, the larger size should only be used once you have more experience with it. They are usually made of rubber, latex, silicone, plastic, metal, or glass with a small ring to pull it out of your back door. You can choose these anal sex vibrators for almost any of your sexual desires.

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How to choose the right anal vibrator for you?

Since there are so many choices available in the market, you can consider how much you are familiar with it to choose the best anal vibrator for you.

Anal Vibrators for Beginners 

You can be either overwhelmed or excited when you use an anal vibrator for the first time. But remember, safety comes first! For newbies, thin and silicone toys are recommended to enjoy the anal vibe. Thin vibrators play a dual role because women can insert them into either vagina or backdoor. The silicone anal vibrator is a soft one and does not require much pressure to put inside. Consider choosing the best anal vibrator for women with a slimmer tip and wider base. For unforgettable sexual pleasure, don’t put the toy inside for the first time. You can do a lot of foreplay using it on your nipples, clitoris, and neck until your partner is sexually aroused. Once both are stimulated, you can slowly penetrate the buttocks.

Anal Vibrators for Experienced 

If you have pioneered worship and intercourse, you can choose thick and heavy anal vibrators for men and women. You can choose rubber models with the desired level of vibration. Powerful swing, corded and wired ones are the styles that you can choose to enjoy anal stimulation and orgasm. Women can use two at the same time for the best stimulation.

What are the functions?


This is one of the main functions of these toys, and hence, are called anal vibrators. When the switch is turned on, you can feel gentle vibrations that can be adjusted to your satisfaction. Women enjoy extreme stimulation because the anal vibrator can be used in the vagina, anus, surrounding areas as well as genital areas. After starting the product, press the power button each time to switch to a different vibration mode.

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It means you can move your vibrator in and out, just like a penis. Also known as a push-pull anal vibrator, it gives a similar feeling of euphoria to men when having sex. These are hands-free instruments, but be careful with their length because your backdoor does not expand like the vagina during intercourse.


It means the head of the anal vibrator can rotate 360 ​​degrees if you want to stimulate more pleasure and also has a great effect in improving the quality of your sex life, thus your partner will be happier when their sexual need is satisfied. However, circular motions may not be comfortable for everyone. If you feel a little uncomfortable, just use the vibration. Remember not to try too hard or you could hurt yourself.

How to use anal vibrators for beginners?

Discuss with your partner

Using anal sex toys can be very new to some people. Surprise your partner by having anal sex with toys is not recommended. Discuss it so you both know the basics of it and have fun together.

Use plenty of lubricants

If the anus is not lubricated, unlike the vagina, can hurt beginner users. Therefore, you need to have plenty of anal lubricant for easy insertion. 

Use it slowly


In order to use anal vibrators safely and effectively, it is necessary to pay attention to adjust the appropriate vibration mode, gradually raising the level to create a sense of slowly, leveling up but surging to the climax. Never go straight to the anus without proper foreplay. The most interesting part about these anal vibrators for women is that they can be used in many different areas of the body to enhance sensations of the stimulation. 

What are the benefits of buying an anal vibrator?

Anal vibrators bring a feeling of sexual happiness to you and your partner, change the boring feeling of everyday typical sex with these professional sexual support products. They do not only allow you to explore different wonders and fantasies but also help to eliminate the fear of pregnancy. The anus also has many nerves; Therefore, it becomes extremely enjoyable for both men and women to enjoy. The anal vibrator for men is a perfect device for men masturbation and prostate massage. You will enjoy many different types of orgasms. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, man or woman, make sure you don’t hurt yourself or your partner in the process. Just go slow, and you’ll be surprised in the end!


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