Fed Up With Medicine: Follow this

Fed Up With Medicine: Follow this

Abuse of the prescription drug is on the rise worldwide. In the United States, research has shown that prescription drug abuse is at an epidemic level. According to the National Survey on Drug use and health, more than 16 million people above the age of 12 years abuse prescription drugs. To overcome this problem, people need to be taught how to stay healthy without medication. While prescription drugs are helpful in saving lives, people are beginning to realize that there are alternative approaches. On the other side, the effects of prescription drug abuse are hitting people hard. These include developing serious drug reactions, severe allergies, and several other problems associated with drugs. So, how can we stay healthy without medicine?

     1. Prioritize Health and Balanced Diet every day

Staying healthy is more about what we feed on. A healthy balanced diet will keep medicine away because the body develops a good immunity. Unfortunately, for most people eating a healthy meal is easier said than done. Why is it becoming a difficulty for people to eat healthy meals? The busy schedules keep most people from eating healthy meals. You will find that most people want to pick on fast foods to continue working. Therefore, packing a healthy lunch becomes an issue for most of us. We should focus on completely unprocessed foods to avoid feeding on chemicals. Do not feed on processed sugars or the sugar substitutes. Instead, pick on honey and other natural sources of sugar if you must drink sweet drinks.

     2. Regular Exercising

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A healthy diet is very important for a healthy body, and regular exercising will support you more helping you to become fit. Get some form of exercises every day. Aerobic exercises, or simply cardio, are one of the best approaches that will help you to gain mental health and physical health. Cardio is particularly effective as it helps in reducing belly fat and eats on the harmful type of fat that could be building up around the body organs. Research has shown that reduced belly fat aids metabolic health. Come up with a regular exercising schedule for better health.

     3. Take Vitamin Supplements

We all strive to eat right and exercise, in order to stay healthy. However, sometimes the human body requires a boost to increase the body`s wellness and the ability to fight everyday stresses. This is achievable through multi-vitamin supplementation. A publication by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health found out that multivitamins are most frequently used dietary supplements and close to half of the American population take these supplements. The research further indicates that taking the multivitamins increases the overall nutrient intake helping some people to get the recommended amounts of vitamins and the minerals. However, before subjecting your body to multivitamin supplements, consider seeking advice from internal medicine Hawaii doctors.

     4. Avoid chemicals, Toxins, and Pollutants

Pollutants, toxins and dangerous chemicals are all over around us and it is certainly almost impossible to avoid them. However, we should try level best to avoid them. Avoid the toxins found in household cleaners, the bug sprays, air fresheners, and several other day-to-day products that we use in our households.

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     5. Fight Seasonal Allergies Naturally

Allergies are a leading reason why prescription drugs are abused. Most people, off the counter medication, are the first priority when treating seasonal allergies. See the Internal medicine Honolulu doctors if allergies are becoming serious and repeatedly affecting you or anyone of your family members. However, for the seasonal allergies, you can easily stay away from the allergens that result in the irritation or choose a natural approach to fight the problem.

     6. Reduce your Stress

Stress is never good and it should be avoided at all cost. Being exposed to too much stress will result in a serious detriment in your health.  Stress results in physical, mental and emotional health issues. It is important to manage every day stressing factors effectively. Otherwise, stress will single-handedly ruin your life and lead to dependence on medication to treat the resulting effects of stress.

Medication should be used only when prescribed by a doctor. By practicing the above tips, you can avoid medication and stay healthy. Talk to an internal medicine doctor near you, for the best advice on staying away from medication. 

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