Five Finger Licking food gifts to impress your dear ones on their birthday

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Every person is different when it comes to choices. For some happiness is wearing new clothes, for some joy is exploring untapped places. Some feel at the top of the world when they contribute to the lives of other people. But, for some people, happiness lies in binge eating. The moment their taste buds are served with yummy treats, their happiness index breaks all the records. So, if you are surrounded by those who love to eat, then why not delight them with delicious treats this birthday. Come on! Don’t be formal in your approach just like every year, when you have sent them a bouquet, or a greeting card or a lifestyle-oriented gift. If their happiness lies in food, then go for it. After all, their broadest smile matters. So, if finding the best food options is bothering you right now, don’t worry! Here we come with fantastic finger-licking food gifts that would be loved by your loved ones. So, without any further delay, let’s move to the options:

  1. Fruits & Nuts cookie basket: What can be the better choice for your foodie friend/relative than utterly delicious soft and chewy fruits & nuts cookies? Baked with cashews, almonds, tutti frutti, cranberries and blackberries, these cookies delight the person heavenly. They are great to snack with tea or coffee. Getting them as a birthday gift, the recipient spirits would soar high. They will make it as a daily dose of deliciousness. And definitely while enjoying its taste, they will be thanking you for your ultimate choice. There are a lot of varieties available online. Just explore them and pick the best one.
  2. Pizza treat:  Ummmm, Cheesy Pizza! Reading it, are you dreaming something mouth-watering? So, imagine what would be the expression of your loved one who is a Pizza lover. His/her eyes would get glittered, and their jaw-dropping reaction will steal your heart. You can pre-plan Pizza delivery and get it delivered when the birthday person is around whether it’s for your family member or your office friend. You can also give him/her a surprise by taking him/her to the Pizza corner without telling the person where are you heading. From veggie Pizza to Paneer Pizza to Double cheese Pizza, There are various Pizza flavors available in the market these days. Go for the one that the birthday person finds highly yum, and let him/her make the most of the birthday.  
  3. Pack of juices: Okay, so your dear one is foodie, but there is an element of ‘health’ attached to his/her diet, then clinging over the pack of juices is an ideal option. There are a lot of choices available in local shops or online like Guava, Orange, Litchi, Cranberry, Apple, etc. Juices are the healthy replacements of tea/coffee and can be consumed as a mid-day meal or evening break. You can also opt for tetra packs of juices if the birthday boy or girl has to travel a lot. Tetra packs can be easily carried and consumed anytime, anywhere.
  4. Chocolate Fudge Cake: Chocolate Fudge Cake: The moist chocolate, with a dense chocolate frosting, the chocolate fudge cake is the yummiest treat you can offer to your dear one on his/her birthday. It is the chocolate pool for all chocolate lovers. Topped with hot fudge ice cream topping, sour cherries and blended with whipped cream and vanilla essence, every bite of this cake will make the recipient leave asking for more. We are sure; the recipient would leave his/her mouth smudged with chocolate, reminding carefree childhood binging. You can get this cake ordered online from a reputed site. You can even surprise your loved one by opting for midnight online cake delivery in Jamshedpur. He/she would find it thrilled and unforgettable for all his/her life. 
  5. Chips and namkeen packed basket: Be it youngsters, adults, mid-aged, senior citizens, most of us are addicted to chips. So what can be a better way to tackle the obsession than by gifting chips and namkeen packed baskets to your dear ones. Be it travelling, watching TV, working on desk, chips and namkeens are always filling and tend to satiate the hunger pangs deliciously. The salty and spiced chips bring instant energy when you don’t feel like cooking snacks or craving is at its peak. There are various chips and namkeen flavours available these days like banana chips, potato chips, beetroot chips, besan namkeens, sabudana namkeens, corn namkeens etc. Start exploring now, and you will find many exciting options.
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Food is the fuel of life, and we eat to live. But some love to eat, and they live to eat. Don’t disappoint such foodie people by giving every day gift items this birthday. Pamper them with yummy food delights. This time, you don’t have to touch the strings of their heart straight away. But have to pave the way from taste buds to the stomach to heart. 

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