Catchy Benefits of Strength Training Program

Catchy Benefits of Strength Training Program

If, for example, you could know that a specific exercise benefits your heart, strengthens your bones, improves your balance and helps you lose extra weight, wouldn’t you be excited to join it? The good news is finally here and it is that the strength training can give you all of these benefits and more with simple yet effective exercises.

Strength training is a combination of different physical activities which are focused on improving your muscular fitness by exercising certain muscle group against external resistance. It includes free-weights, weight machines or trainee’s own body weight. You can visit a quality athletes’ training center in your area to get started on strength training which, by the way, is also known as weight or resistance training.

In the following lines, we are going to explain how strength training program helps to improve your health.

This training Makes You Fitter and Stronger

Making you stronger and fitter than before is the most obvious yet often overlooked aspect of strength training. The strength training improves your health by paying focus on your muscles. This training is also called resistance training because it strengthens and tones a trainee’s muscles through contraction against a resisting force.

Such resistance training is classified into two further types of resistance training.

-Isometric Resistance which contracts trainee’s muscles against a nonmoving object such as the floor.

-Isotonic strength training contracts trainee’s muscles through a range of moving objects such as dumbbells and in other weight lifting exercises.

Strength Training Protects Muscle Mass and Bone

Due to aging, we start losing 3 to 5 percent of lean muscle mass on a yearly basis. According to the findings of a study published in Oct 2017, a 30-mins twice a week training of high-intensity resistance was shown to better the functional performance. It also showed signs of improvement in bone density, and structure.

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The best part about this training is that it showed no negative effects. Given this, it makes sense to join one as soon as possible.

Catchy Benefits of Strength Training Program

This Program helps Balance Your Weight

The strength training program is a compilation of multiple aerobic exercises such as walking, running, and cycling. This helps burn you maximum calories per day, shedding extra pounds. Even if you don’t burn a lot of calories per day, it still helps. This is one of the reasons why every athletes’ training program takes into account strength training.

Exercise science experts, however, suggest that strength training does not directly burn calories. Actually, it improves the resting metabolism of the body meaning it allows the body to burn calories faster throughout the day and not at the time of exercise.

Strength Training Helps in the Development of Better Body Mechanics

Helping your balance, coordination, and posture is one of the most useful and effective benefits of the strength training program. A study has indicated that for older people who have a greater risk of falling and sustaining worse physical injury, the strength training program reduced their risk of falling by 40 percent compared with those individuals who did not strength-training exercise.

That’s an important reason why all athletes and a non-athletes person must practice strength training.

This Could Help Overcome Chronic Disease

Aside from just improving health and boosting muscular power, strength training also helps people prevent and manage their chronic illnesses. If someone is facing symptoms of diseases, strength training could help them avoid or even restrict them. It’s an effective trick for conditioning diseases. For example, for those who have arthritis, strength training would be as effective as a medication in decreasing the pain.

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Catchy Benefits of Strength Training Program

Strength Training Enhances Your Energy Levels

For those with mood-swinging issues, strength training will increase your endorphins level which is the natural opiate produced by the brain, uplifting the energy levels in your entire body and will improve your mood.

Aside from this, strength training also improves your sleep and you can get better sleep with this. There’s enough suggestive evidence for that.

As strength training lifts your mood, improves your energy, and helps you sleep better, this is considered as the ideal performance training practice for athletes to enhance their performance.

Strength Training Helps Burn More and More Calories

This is particularly useful for those looking to lose weight. With strength training, your metabolism will get a boost.

If you go for weight or resistance training, you can give a boost to your calorie burning process allowing you to burn them during and after the workout throughout the day. When you do exercise for strength training, your metabolism gradually improves allowing you to burn more and more calories.

This is made possible by a process called “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption” or EPOC. Strength exercise forces your body to demand more energy depending on how much energy you are currently using. This translates into more calorie-burning during the workout and even more calories burning after the exercise session during the time that your body needs to rest.

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