3 best organic day and night routine to improve your skin, borns and nails

3 best organic day and night routine to improve your skin, borns and nails

Want to improve skin and nail health organically? Check out the following three tips. To note, if you want results that last long enough, do the following steps regularly.

  1. Overall cleaning

If you use makeup, the first step in your skin care routine should be to remove makeup completely. Want to learn how to remove makeup without damaging the skin? See our step by step here!

Cleansing removes excess dirt and oil, making the skin ready to absorb other products. Use a little soap (about a penny) from the cleansing soap indicated for your skin type:

Oily or mixed skin: try using gel soap. The texture of this type of soap is lighter than ordinary soap, which makes it ideal for excessively oily skin.

Normal or dry skin: Use facial cleansing foam, so you will be able to clean the skin without leaving it dry. You can also clean the skin using cotton wool moistened with micellar water.

Mix a little water and rub both palms together until the soap turns into soft foam. Spray all over your face in a circular motion. Rinse with plenty of water and dry it by pressing a clean towel and gently on your face.

If your soap is slightly more abrasive, avoid washing the eyes and around the mouth. These areas tend to be drier (even if you have oily skin!) And when washing these areas with deep cleansing soap, you can remove a little and much-needed oil from these areas. You’re suggested to do the cleaning at night (and on a daily basis).

  1. Use nail foundation and sandpaper

The foundation of good quality and recognized brands make the nails stronger and can still help in the process of growth. The idea is to pass the base at least once a week. Already to remove the enamels in a safe and healthy way, it is necessary to use removers without acetone, since this substance causes the desquamation and weakening of the nails. Use also sandpaper to aid the process and also the very thin ones to pass on the surface and remove splinters of the nails. The habit of sanding the surface also ensures more gloss.

  1. Use CBD products
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More and more people are finding flax products and especially CBD creams. There are good reasons for this. Skincare is increasingly recognized as an important part of our health. Flax ointment and hemp cosmetics are a healthy, natural and soothing alternative to traditional skin care products. Flax ointment is applied to the surface of the skin.

3 best organic day and night routine to improve your skin, borns and nails cbd

Often questions are asked. How does hemp ointment work?

Hemp care products are characterized by good compatibility and various positive properties of natural ingredients. Flax cream is characterized by its soft effectiveness and flexible application area. Hemp is a true magic plant. Hemp contains vitamins, amino acids, proteins, and other valuable nutrients. The immune system is protected from free radicals.

Cannabidiol replaces vitamin C as a powerful antioxidant

Cannabidiol has become a new favorite of cosmetics when used to delay aging of the skin and hair. Although using substances in marijuana, products made with oil do not change the psychological state because they do not contain THC.

With the demand for skin care and the help of new beauty technologies, new treatments have proven to be more efficient than known methods. To rejuvenate the largest organ in the human body and delay the arrival of wrinkles such as crow’s feet, cannabidiol oil can be an accomplice! Cannabidiol, even though it comes from the same plant, does not have the same consequences as illegal substances. CBD is cannabidiol, one of the substances from cannabis sativa. Unlike THC, which is a psychoactive product that is present in marijuana and provides excitement and euphoria, the CBD does not carry any euphoria, that is, no psychoactive effects.

The discovery of the benefits offered by products is found through research and vaccines that prevent acne. Studies show that CBD creams have high antioxidant power and in the United States, oil has been widely used for products including skin. Nevertheless, adding to the element of the beauty of Narotina, which may be inspired by Koreans, is not yet possible in some countries. CBD substances are not permitted for skin and hair formulations, especially THC, which is a psychoactive substance. This is a very antioxidant substance, which removes free radicals on the skin and reduces oxidative stress in place by reducing this free radical. This will make the skin rejuvenate.

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With the act of whitening, anti-acne and enlightening, vitamin C is not produced by the body, so it must be put through food or with cream and can be exchanged with cannabidiol. This can be used in combination with or even as a substitute for vitamin C and resveratrol, which are powerful antioxidants. CBD manages to have greater antioxidant power than the other two. Its use in the skin has a connection with this high antioxidant power. It will disinfect the skin, making the skin enter a slower aging rhythm.

This element can also be used on hair and nails, bringing benefits similar to those offered on the skin. Hair comes from the hair follicle which is the structure of the skin. They age with daily aggression that stimulates the body to produce some free radicals that will cause aging. CBD, especially CBD capsules, will reduce free radicals in the hair, improve the appearance of the scalp, make it healthier and younger and produce higher quality hair fibers.

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