The 10 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Maintaining Your Yard

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Watering your lawn regularly does not automatically mean you are taking care of it well. There are some things many people think they are doing right. Unfortunately, they have no idea that they are actually causing more problems for their lawn. If you are among these people, then you should definitely read on. You might be doing some things that are not good for your lawn or yard.

#1 You Lack a Comprehensive Plan

A landscaping project is not as simple as many people think. It is actually complicated and if you don’t have a solid plan, things could go out of control. When planning, it’s helpful to separate your lawn into three parts – private spaces like a swimming pool or patio, utility spaces like for stuff as garbage cans and storage, and public spaces like your driveway and front yard.

After dividing your yard, you will then determine what must go into these parts. When landscaping, make sure you focus around this plan. This makes it easier and faster for you to finish your landscaping project.

#2 You Don’t Value the Essence of Unity

The aim must for all the elements of your lawn to exist harmoniously, both natural and unnatural. Mix structural components and plants by putting shrubs near the foundation of your home. This is to hide the base. You can also grow a climbing plant on a porch post. Choose flowers that have colors that complement the theme of your home and also choose a professional painter for home. Moreover, take note of the architecture of your house when setting up your garden. For instance, traditional flower beds are more suitable for a modern home than a naturalistic theme.

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#3 You Stop Caring for Your Garden

Even when you clean up your lawn regularly, if you neglect your garden, your lawn will remain unkempt. To prevent you from getting tired of caring for your garden, you must be realistic with it. Do not commit to a huge garden that you most likely think you cannot take care of in the long run. Be realistic with the size and don’t go for elements that require too much maintenance.

#4 Trees Are Left to Stand Isolated

4 Trees Are Left to Stand Isolated

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A tree that stands alone will most likely appear pointless. Combine trees with plants and flowers that are planted on a curved bed. You can go with spring-flowering bulbs or shade-tolerant shrubs. If you prefer something that is of low maintenance, you can also go by using groundcover plants.

#5 Flower Beds Are Not Staked

Staking the borders is essential when you plant flowerbeds. This helps in ensuring that the results are identical to your original plan. You can use a string and stakes or you can form a curved bed using a hose.

#6 Ponds Don’t Have Proper Edges

If you have a formal pond, then brick edging is beneficial. This provides a clean look. Meanwhile, if you have a natural pond, then having stone edges will be better. Failing to have pond edges will make the feature look unfinished and unusual.

#7 You Neglect the Importance of Water

If your garden has a water feature, do not forget that trees may have an effect on water systems. Select trees that less shed in autumn to prevent them from littering too much on the surface of the water feature. Also, make sure that these trees are planted not too close so they do not provide too much shade or the roots do not affect the walls of the pond or aquatic system.

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#8 You Mow Your Lawn Too Low

You Mow Your Lawn Too Low

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Too much mowing on the lawn is what we refer to as scalping. This can make the grass look messy. Also, it will weaken the grass providing enough room for weeds to grow and sprout. The proper height of your lawn relies on the grass type. However, to be more careful, it’s better to cut a bit higher than the ideal height.

#9 You Mow Your Lawn Even When It Is Wet

Mowing the lawn when it is wet is a huge no-no. This causes the clippings to create chunks that will overwhelm the lawn. Moreover, wet grass is slippery, which is a potential hazard on your end. If you need to mow the lawn when it is still slightly wet, do not forget to wear protective gear, such as sturdy shoes.

#10 You Tend to Overfeed the Lawn

Another mistake a lot of people make when maintaining their lawn is they overfeed it. Be careful that you do not put too much water or fertilizer to your lawn. This will make the roots to excessively grow. If this happens, you will have to mow your grass more often. This requires more work and if you fail to commit, your lawn will look messy.

#11 You Don’t Use the Proper Resources

You Don’t Use the Proper Resources

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Taking care of your lawn, depending on its size, will generally require a lot of work. This is one of the major reasons why people fail to continue maintaining their yard. Others prefer hiring professionals, which is not wrong as long as you have the budget for it.

However, if you prefer to do it on your own with some little help, then it’s better you invest in outdoor equipment and tools. Some examples are a lawnmower, wheelbarrow, pole saw, leaf blower, and a shovel among others. Since these tools and equipment are quite expensive, make sure to choose wisely. For example, if you are planning to get something to control your trees, then finding an excellent woods log splitter manufacturer is a must. Rest assured, your investments will pay off in the end.

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