Some of The Best Small Dog Breeds That You Should Know About

small dog breeds

All of us love some company when we feel lonely and low. What can be better than having a cute pet by our side? Also, what pet do you find the best? Dogs are a universal favorite and the small dog breeds are the best.

The most amazing fact is that dogs can help you when you feel depressed, anxious, sad or sick. You will never receive a better greeting than how a dog will greet you when you enter the home from a busy day of work. You look into the eyes of this cute fur baby and half your stress is already gone. In this article, we have a list of some of the most popular small dog breeds.

The best small dog breeds for you

Now when you are thinking of bringing a cute puppy home, you must know that you need to care for them just like you would care for a human baby. You must know that all small dog breeds require a proper environment to stay happy and healthy. Now you can know all about them and decide what breed of dog you want to bring home.

1. Pekingese

When you are researching in small dog breeds, you must consider this cute ball of happiness. The Pekingese breed of dogs has an interesting attitude. They justify the fact that they were a favorite of the imperial Chinese once upon a time.


You must treat them with immense dignity and they will greet you back with the same attitude. It seems that a Pekingese dog remembers that they belong to the family of Royal people and still expect the same amount of respect from its owners.

They have marble-like, brown eyes, silky long hair and a fluffy tail that mostly remains curled up at the back.

2. Affenpinscher

When you are going through small dog breeds for sale, you are most likely to come across Affenpinscher dogs. They are also known as monkey or ape dogs in the German language. Also, the literal meaning of ‘pinscher’ is ‘terrier’. Therefore, the Affenpinscher is one of the popular small dog breeds that are high on energy and oozing out spunk. The most interesting feature of this breed of dogs is that they have a mustache.

small dog breeds Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher belongs to the 17th and 18th Centuries when there was a high population of mice and rats all over Europe. As a result, people bought Affenpinschers to get rid of them from homes, shops, and offices.

3. Bichon Frise

Small dog breeds such as the Bichon Frise have cute, doll-like faces and white-fluffy mane. They are often confused as poodles and are extremely well-mannered dogs. They are super perky too. The fact that they are so well-behaved makes them look even softer and cuter.

Bichon Frise

4. Bolognese

The Bolognese Bichon dogs belong to the same family as the Bichon Frise and are curious and comical. They are very friendly and love to spend time with their families. You may find the name ‘Bolognese’ interesting and there is a justification for that too.

Bolognese dog

The dogs originated from the town of ‘Bologna’ in Italy and so the name that we see now. You must know that small dog breeds such as the Bolognese are difficult to pet and train. So, you require extra patience to deal with them. Also, their friendly nature makes them the perfect companions for walks and playdates. All in all, they know exactly how to charm their way out of every situation. ‘

5. Boston Terrier

Originally Boston Terriers were trained as dangerous pit-fighters. However, the case is not the same anymore. They were rightly called ‘American Gentlemen’ during the 19th century given their dignified attitude. What you will find out now is that they are not suitable for fighting activities. Instead, they are of loving categories. However, male terriers are somewhat possessive about their territories. They tend to get agitated if they notice any other dogs intruding their space or territory and may attack back to retain the same.

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Boston Terrier

6. Brussels Griffon

Originated in Belgium, griffons or Brussels griffons were kept during the 17th-18th centuries to get rid of mice and rats from stables. Later, they became more popular as small dog breeds that are most suitable for house pets.

Brussels Griffon

They are cheerful, loving, perky and will be the best friends for the correct owners. Also, they are quite moody and are possessive about the attention they receive from their owners. Therefore, you must deal with them very carefully and make sure to give them the care that they deserve. Also, they are highly sensitive and do not like anyone else to take a share of their space.

7. Chihuahua

Talking about that sassy attitude, the Chihuahua is one of the most favorite small dog breeds available in the whole world. They might be tiny, but full of attitude and charm. The small cuties are larger than life and you must treat them with complete dignity.


The way they talk and move seems to be nothing less than a Hollywood movie star. No wonder why a Chihuahua wins the hearts of dog-lovers all round the globe.

8. Chinese Crested

Do not get confused because of the name. The Chinese Crested is one of the most popular small dog breeds and is exotic. However, they have no relation whatsoever with China and no one knows the reason behind that name. a Chinese Crested dog comes mainly in two categories- with and without a mane. While one category carries silky mane, the other is completely hairless.

Chinese Crested

They also have a plume-like tail and feet that look naturally covered with socks. Their look makes them fall under the exotic dog category. They are also a naturally recessive powderpuff breed. Also, both categories of Chinese Crested dogs are often available in a single litter.

9. Coton-de-Tulear

In short Coton, they are one of the most well-behaved and smartest small dog breeds that you may bring home. They love to give company to their human all through the day. you may work or play or sleep, a Coton de Tulear loves to lie near your feet or play with you whenever they get a chance. These dogs are fluffy and look like small balls of cotton and are extremely good-looking. They have straight hair on their face that looks like a textural contrast from its body. Also, they are rare and you must research quite a lot before purchasing one.


10. Dachshund

Well, think twice before you decide to pet a Dachshund. They might look quite and cute but they are absolute badgers. Moreover, they were kept as pets for the same quality. Dachshunds look handsome with dropped ears and silky skin. They are not fluffy or furry. Mostly brown, Dachshund dogs often defy their small size in terms of their ferociousness. They are tough in nature and protective when it comes to their loved ones.


11. Havanese

One of the most good-looking small dog breeds, the Havanese dogs can charm anyone starting from children to oldies and even other animals. One thing that you must not forget is that they crave attention at all times. If you give the care and love that they demand, you will have the best companion ever.


A minus point of Havanese dogs is the fact they suffer from extreme anxiety if left alone even for a short time. Also, if you want a happy Havanese, make sure you treat them like proper house dogs and not leave them alone in your backyard or verandah.

12. Japanese Chin

Oh-so-cute! The Japanese Chin is the cutest of the lost and is more like a cat than a dog. Are you amazed to hear that? Well, it is true because most of their traits are like cats. For example, they like to jump and skip over tall furniture and objects in the same way cats do. Also, they love to get a wash now and then and also prefer climbing and perching in high places. They are absolute bundles of happiness and it is a lot of fun having them around.

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Japanese Chin

13. Lhasa Apso

The funny part about a Lhasa Apso dog is that it feels larger than it is. They have been used by royal families in the past eras as guards and the cute dogs continue to be dutiful. As a result, they are called royal watchmen. You bring them home and they guaranty complete security and protection. Along with that, they have immense good looks and are capable of spreading charm wherever they go. The silky, soft fur looks fantastic and the way they guard their loved ones makes them more of a favorite with everyone.

Lhasa Apso

14. Löwchen

Confused between a dog and a lion? Well, it is a Löwchen for you. the looks justify their fierce demeanor. However, you need not be scared as they are not at all dangerous. Instead, they are playful and adorable. Their fur requires a lot of maintenance and if you can do that, they look gorgeous. A Löwchen is a great companion for people of all ages and a great friend when you feel lonely. They are exotic and expensive when you decide to purchase one for your home.

small dog breeds Löwchen

15. Maltese

There is a long list of names for the Maltese breed of dogs over the years. You may read about them as Melitae dogs, Maltese Terrier, Ancient Maltese dogs, Comforter, Bichon and more. They are perfect pocket dogs and are soft and fluffy. Often, children love to have Maltese dogs as their companions gave their small size and playful nature.


16. Maltipoo

Does that name sound a little offbeat? Well, it is because the word is a combination of a ‘Maltese’ and a ‘poodle’. They are one of the most popular cross breeds and are extremely authentic about their origin. It means that their traits will convince you about the fact that they are a perfect blend of the qualities of a Maltese and a Poodle.


According to dog-lovers, a Maltipoo is capable of curing depression, anxiety, and loneliness of its loved ones. They are small and white and very friendly. However, they require constant care and attention just the way they will treat you.

17. Manchester Terrier

A Manchester terrier almost falls under the category of medium dog breeds and are extremely sharp animals. They are cunning, perky and curious. They are true terriers in every way. For example, they are independent, alert, faithful, sporty and lively. A Manchester Terrier dog in a perfect watchdog and you will never regret petting one. Also, their bodies and sleek and they have silky and shiny skin.

Manchester Terrier

18. Miniature Pinscher

A pinscher is already one of the small dog breeds and a miniature pinscher is the baby version of that. Now you can well imagine how tiny this furry friend looks. They are not just small, but are extremely elegant and have a muscular physique. They have loads of attitude and are outright sassy. With a weight that ranges between 8-11 LBS, they are playful and naughty too.

Miniature Pinscher

19. Papillon

Looks straight out of an old English textbook, a Papillon dog looks picture perfect. The name comes from the French of a ‘butterfly’. Just how you have seen century-old pictures of small spaniels, a papillon will remind you of the same. Years back, they were called dwarf spaniels. However, the breed has changed names over the years along with their appearance. One thing that remains the same is that they are still the perfect friends on carrying on your laps.


20. Pomeranians

The furry favorite, the Pomeranians are extremely loyal and intelligent. The funny part is that they do not realize that they are small dogs and so start harassing bigger dogs around them. Otherwise, they are simply independent, alert and very bold. They have a sharp mind and are highly protective of their loved ones.


Final thoughts

Dogs are a man’s best friend and the proverb is true in every sense. Petting small dog breeds especially mean that you always have someone at your toes. You are therefore never alone and always smiling.

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