Tips for using Weight Watchers Scale

Are you facing any trouble using your weight watchers scale? No need to worry, I have made it simple through a step by step guide. There is a range of scales available in the market for different purposes. A simple scale helps you to measure your whole bodyweight only. There are more advanced scales that can measure your body fat percentage. 

If you are looking for ways how to use your scale effectively then this guide can help you. This article covers

  • Setting up the weight watchers scale right
  • Taking proper precautions
  • Customizing user settings
  • How to measure your body weight and fat percentage?
  • Important Notes

Setting up the weight watchers scale correctly

What is the first thing you do when you buy any product? You set up the product first, right? So, set up your weight watchers scale correctly.

Remove all the packaging of the scale and battery. Install the battery in the battery slot of the scale correctly. Then place the scale on a suitable place, preferably on a plane hard floor or tile for accurate results. Avoid placing it on a rough, uneven or soft surface. Now set the scale to standard units for measurement.

Taking proper precautions

The weight watchers scale is specially designed for analyzing your body weight and fat percentage. However, don’t allow children below 16 years, pregnant lady or persons with an electrical implant in their body. Because the scales work using a method called bioelectrical impedance. When you step on to the scale, a low current travels through the body and it can be dangerous for them.

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Customizing Settings

After setting up the scale on the floor, the next step is to customize user settings. Now tap on the center of the scale and wait till the display sets to zero. Now enter and save your details such as User Number, height, age, gender, in the scale by pressing the SET button. The User Number will save all the details in the memory. So every time you step on to the scale enter your user number and it will show you the details.

How to measure your body weight and fat percentage? 

To measure the body weight and fat percentage of your body, you should know how to operate the scale. It is quite easy, follow these simple steps:

  • Turn on the scale by tapping your foot on it.
  • Now enter your user number after pressing the USER button
  • Step on to the scale barefoot. Make sure the balls of your feet are accurately placed on the sensor plates. Now your body weight will be displayed on the screen.
  • Stay on the scale until it measures your fat percentage. After a few seconds, your body fat percentage will be displayed as “bf” followed by your fat percentage.
  • Then step out of the scale, it will turn off automatically. 

After measuring your body fat percentage, analyze the result and plan your workout and diet accordingly. Different weight

Important tips

It does not matter which model you purchase but use it responsibly for longevity. These are some important tips that you need to keep in mind for your weight watchers scale. 

  • Don’t overuse the weight watchers scale.
  • Don’t jump onto the platform of the scale, place your foot gently and at the right position.
  • Never submerge it in water. 
  • Keep it in a safe place away from children.
  • Contact the service center if you find any difficulty, do not try to remove any component by yourself. 
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Remember that your body fat analysis results may vary from day-to-day. So, it is a normal thing, no need to worry about it. Because your body composition changes regularly due to many factors. Dehydration may show more fat percentage in your body. Excess water content may show less fat percentage. Body temperature, health conditions also affect the fat percentage. 

So, instead of measuring regular bodyweight try to measure a trend of your changes in body-fat percentage for a few days. If your fitness goal is to gain weight, then measure your fat percentage. Then take a proper diet with weight gainer powder to maintain a balance between your body fat and muscle mass. 

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