What handyman business owners need to have on speed dial

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Every business owner should learn as much as they can about the maintenance of their premises. If you want to ensure that your construction and property are in good condition, you have to invest time and money to make it happen. However, most business owners often encounter problems that require professional assistance, even if they work from home. It’s advisable to have someone on speed dial and inform them about malfunctions and failures as fast as you can. That way, you will be able to avoid further damage. Find what handyman business owners need to have on speed dail.

Your local handyman business owners will give their best to fix the issues around your workplace and ensure that they leave it in good condition. Once you find someone reliable to respond to your calls, you won’t have to try to fix the damage by yourself. It’s always better to invest in professional service. That way, you will avoid trying something that may harm your physical health.

A general handyman

A general handyman business owners can be of great use if you don’t know how to fix minor problems around the premises. An experienced handyman will be able to repaint your walls, change the locks and advise you on how to maintain your premises. They will also be able to perform minor repairs, fix appliances and get rid of mold and moisture.

A handyman business owners know how to fix broken machinery, but they also know how to clean your gutters and recognize and remove hazardous defects in trees around your commercial property. It’s advisable to have the number of your general handyman on speed dial because their service can be of great use when you don’t have enough time to perform minor repairs.

Find a trustworthy plumber

Business owners often have to deal with unexpected plumbing emergencies. They’re usually not dangerous, but they can create a lot of damage if you don’t fix the issue on time. For example, you might have to deal with mold and mildew if you don’t notice and repair bathroom leaks before it’s too late.

A highly-skilled plumber in your area will be able to respond to all your needs. Whether you are dealing with a clogged toilet or a broken pipe, they will be able to fix the issues as soon as possible. Keep in mind that plumbing problems are common and often unexpected, and you might have to find a way to deal with a broken pipe in the middle of the night. That’s why it’s advisable to have a trustworthy plumber on speed dial and call them whenever you need their service.

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Call IT services

People call in for IT support for a variety of reasons. They are of great importance to your company because they can provide general desktop or network support if something goes wrong. Hire an IT technician when you need someone to install networking equipment and configure your routers. Make sure to do some research before you call someone to fix the issues. If you or your employees know how to handle the problem, there’s no need to ask for professional help. However, it’s vital to have an IT support service on speed dial if you have to deal with connection issues daily.

Make sure to find reliable professionals that will be able to respond to your needs as soon as you contact them. They will do their best to find adequate solutions in less than a few hours, and your employees will be able to continue with their projects and other responsibilities.

If you’re a small business owner, try to find an IT support service in your area and inform them about the equipment you use and the issues you want them to fix. They will become familiar with your company’s set-up, which will allow them to fix malfunctions faster.

Call a licensed electrician

Everything in your premises is powered by electricity, which means that your productivity depends on it. A licensed electrician will be able to inspect the area and determine the cause of the problem. They will fix faulty wiring or other electrical malfunctions that tend to occur at almost every workplace. If you or your employees notice a potential issue, it’s vital no to touch anything and call the professionals right away.

Working with electricity can be dangerous, especially if you don’t have any experience or knowledge related to electrical malfunctions. Don’t forget to find a licensed electrician. Ask them to show you their license before you allow them to inspect your premises.

Find a skilled carpenter

The history of carpentry is as old as time, and when people think about carpenters, they usually visualize men who like to perform various types of woodwork. But, modern carpenters don’t focus only on creating new furniture, and you still need to have them on speed dial because they can be useful if you encounter specific problems.

A modern carpenter will be able to deal with all sorts of repairs, construction issues, installation of various wooden elements and many more. They know how to seal the cracks on walls and around windows, fix your broken storage shelves and improve your working space by installing new flooring. Their assistance is often crucial, which is why it’s advisable not to forget about them during difficult times.

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Invest in cleaning service

If you’re an owner of a large company, your employees won’t have enough time to declutter their workplace, clean the windows and toilets and ensure that everything looks neat. Your business premises are probably one of your biggest investments, and if you don’t know how to maintain them, all your money can go to waste.

Find an affordable cleaning service in your area and allow professionals to keep your premises neat and clean. If you’re a small business owner, one person would be able to take good care of your shop or office. Invest in their service at least once a month, and your clients and customers will be satisfied with the hygiene levels. Of course, you will have to motivate your employees to clean their desks and bathrooms daily to remain acceptable levels of hygiene.

HVAC servicing

The HVAC system in your premises should be checked by professionals at least once a year. Make sure to hire a professional technician, and don’t call a general handyman to perform the inspection. If you have an AC in your office, you need to call someone to maintain these devices and change the air filters or remove clogs. However, if you use them throughout the whole year, it’s advisable to schedule an appointment every six months. It will be easier to focus on other aspects of your business if you allow the professionals to repair and maintain your devices and appliances.


Running a business can be frustrating and daunting, but if you manage to find individuals who will be able to assist you during the most difficult times, the whole process will be a lot easier. Be selective, and find trustworthy professionals, because if you hire someone how doesn’t have a license, they may create more damage, and you’ll have to invest double in repair. Ask your friends or other business owners for recommendations, and you will be able to find people who know how to perform their job and fix the issues as soon as possible. Besides, if if you notice any malfunctions or problems in your house, you’ll have the most important numbers on speed dial.

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