21 Questions Game You Should Play With Friends and Lover

21 Questions Game

The 21 questions game is a fun activity and often a great way to know your friends, lover and acquaintances better. You don’t have to do much, just jot down 21 questions for your friends or lover and get started. To play the game you need to sit in a circle with your friends or you can play one on one with your lover as well. Now if you are the person who asks the question, the person sitting to your right will start answering it. It moves by following the right-hand side of the next person and ends when it reaches back to you.

The game is full of fun as different people come up with different answers, some can be hilarious while some can be heart touching and at ties sentimental. It all depends on the choice of question you make. Here we have gathered 21 questions for friends and lover respectively. You can follow these questions or else add some of your questions as well.

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21 Questions Game for Friends

The questions mentioned below apply to both male and female. This can be a 21 questions game to ask a girl or a boy. In no way, any of these questions are sexist or can hurt one’s sentiment. Feel free to play this game with your friends.

1. What was your childhood dream to become when you grow up?

It is good to know more about your friends and this will help you do so. As a child what were the dreams and aspirations your friend had, what they have now and what they are currently doing will help you know the curve of their lives.

2. What is your dream job?

A dream job is something we all crave for throughout our lives. Knowing about your friend’s dream job and whether they are living the dream or not will inspire you to achieve your dream job.

3. On which celebrities are you crushing now?

We all have celebrity crushes and this is a very common question in the 21 questions game. If you and your friend have common celebrity crushes, then you can stalk and gossip about the celebrity together.

4. What are your deepest fears?

Knowing about the deepest fears of your friend helps you get a little close to them. Further, you can also help them get over those fears as well. After all, friendship is always about being there for your friend in highs and lows.

5. Which is the most embarrassing memory of your childhood?

This is a question which most of the friends and at times we also try to neglect. Allow your friends to answer and you will be amazed by the reactions you will get. As a child, we all have done something embarrassing and that is completely fine.

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6. In your teens who was your first crush?

All of us had a first crush on whom we are still crushing. This person can be your neighbor, classmate, senior at school, teacher, friend’s brother or sister, etc. letting it out among your friend’s isn’t at all embarrassing. Help your friend to feel comfortable so that he or she can answer the questions.

7. Which mythological character do you praise the most?

This happens to be a common question in every 21 questions game and every time you play the game, there are super weird answers to this question. It’s kind of fun when you get to know who thinks what about the mythological characters.

8. What is your take on Pineapple Pizzas?

Do you like pineapple pizzas? If yes then okay but if you don’t then this is the question which will help you to know whether you and your friend shares similar likes or dislikes.

9. Who would you go on a lunch with Donald Trump or Barrack Obama?

A lunch date with the president is like a dream come true. Ask your friend who does he prefers to go on a lunch with, Mr. Obama or Mr. Trump? The answer to this question will also determine what your friend has to say about the political leaders of the US.

10. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

The most important question on which depends that whether you befriend your friend or not. If you browse over the internet for the 21 questions game online, you will get this question. The answer determines whether your friend is a pet-friendly or not. Also, you get to know about their pet preferences.

cats and dogs

11. Which house in Game of Thrones do you belong?

One of the most popular TV series is Game of Thrones. If you and your friend are not of the same house, don’t get angry at him or her.

12. According to you which is the best book you have read?

The choice of books we read describes a lot about our personality. This could be a great question to test your friend’s taste regarding books.

13. What is your most hated food?

If you ever plan to cook something for your friend, at least you’ll be sure about what not to cook for him or her.

14. Which feature of yours do you love the most?

We all have distinct features and there is this one feature we praise the most about ourselves. Next time your friend gets mad at you, just praise this feature of your friend’s and things will get normal.

15. Are you comfortable in casuals or formals?

This is a very generic question but an important one. You get to know about the dressing sense of your friend.

16. Who do you think should run for president in the next election?

We all have our perspectives regarding politics, but if you and your friend share’s common perspectives, then you guys have a lot to discuss in free time.

17. What makes you feel that you are an amazing person?

What makes your friend feel confident about themselves is something which you can use them to boost their confidence levels in low times.

18. Which is the last TV series you binge-watched?

Again, this is another way to learn about your friend’s choice of TV series. It will determine his or her taste in entertainment.

19. What are the goals you want to reach before 50?

We all have goals in our life. Your friend must have it too. If there are predetermined goals then you have a genuine friend by your side. A person doesn’t have goals can never help you reach your goals as well.

20. What is the best travel memory of your life?

This will let you know whether your friend loves to travel or not. Besides you can also get to know about their choice of destination.

21. If today was your last day of life, what would be the last meal of the day?

A question that will let you know the exact dish your friend loves to eat.

21 Questions Game for Lover or Crush

Some questions are there which are only meant for couples. Here are the 21 questions to ask your crush or lover. By the end of the game, you will know where this relationship will lead you to. Also, whether there are chances of a serious relationship or not can be determined easily by this game.

1. Do you believe in numerology or astrology?

If you ask this question to your lover or crush, you might get to know what their beliefs are.

2. When did you have your first kiss?

A very personal question for both lover and crush so be careful before asking it.

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3. What is it which you regret the most?

If he or she answers t correctly then the person has started trusting you.

4. Have you ever gone for a blind date?

It is a great way to learn whether your lover is into some adventure kind of thing or not. Blind dates are pretty much full of adventure.

5. To get your crush’s attention, what is the most embarrassing thing you have done?

This is a very awkward question to ask in the 21 questions game for couples but you can give it a try. Keep in mind that you don’t offend him or her by asking this question.

6. Have you ever cheated on your ex?

The answer to this question will help you determine whether you are the next person to be cheated by him or her.

7. What is your take on a serious relationship?

This is the question, why couples play the 21 questions game. Often either of the partners is eager to know whether their partner is expecting a serious relationship or not.

8. According to you what is your dream date night?

If you are deeply into him or her, this question will let you know what to plan for the big dream date night he or she is expecting.

9. Were you ever cheated by your ex?

When you are asking this question, remember, you are touching the most vulnerable memories of the person. You need to be very careful and understanding to help him or her answer the question.

10. Out of love or affection, what is the most spontaneous thing you have done?

When he or she answers this question, you can be assured of what the person can do out of love for you. At least you’ll know what the extreme thing he or she has done.

11. Are you a night or a morning person?

The answer to this question determines whether the person follows some strict principles in life or not. Also, you might get to know whether you two are of the same kind or not.

12. What are the things on your bucket list?

His or her bucket list things can be your goals in life if you both are thinking of a serious relationship. These are the things she or he will admire you.

13. What is the weirdest thing you would like to do with your partner?

His or her answer will let you know whether you are dating an adventurous psycho or a normal person with little wants in life.

14. If you had to name a movie which reflects your life, what would it be?

The name she or he comes up with will be the way that a person wishes to spend their life. If things are on the same page then you guys are compatible with each other.

15. Who is your favorite singer or band?

This answer will let you know what to sing in karaoke at the club. If you want to be in the good books of your crush, try asking her this question in the 21 questions game.

16. One thing you can’t live without?

The one thing he or she can’t live without is the thing which they can’t let go. If it is you then that would be the best thing for you.

17. Anything you had to do which made you step out of your comfort zone?

This is a question which most people tend to keep with themselves. Her answer to the question means she trusts you to share her sentiments and emotions. The answer can be something which still haunts him or her so be careful.

18. Where is your dream destination?

Her dream destination can be the place where you can take her for a trip or plan your destination wedding over there or go for the after wedding trip as well.

19. What is the biggest lesson of life that you’ve learned?

It is a question that digs deep into a person’s personal life experiences. The answer can open up to any good or bad situation he or she had faced in the past.

20. What are your hobbies?

A very common question to ask anyone and this question can let you know more about him or her if included in the 21 questions game.

21. If you ever get to be an animal, what would you be?

We all have some animal instinct or we relate to some animals. His or her preference will let you know about their animal instinct.


It is not at all mandatory that you have to ask these questions only. You can add or deduct questions according to your preference. The main objective is to know the opposite person in a better way through this game.

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