How To Play 21 Questions With Your Group: Know the Secrets & Enjoy the Game

How To Play 21 Questions

Throwing a house party or a small get-together at home and don’t know what to add to have a lot of fun, then playing 21 questions is the best way to bring ultimate joy to your party. We all want to know the secrets or even the dark secrets of our friends, families, and close ones, but it is not easy. You can’t ask the things directly on their face. Thanks to the games like 21 questions, you can as anything to your counterpart and they can’t say no, if they say, they will be out of the game. So, if you are thinking of keeping this game in your party but have no clue How To Play 21 Questions, then we are here to guide you about the game, rules, strategies, and many more. So, let’s get started.

How To Play 21 Questions: Steps to Follow

Here are some steps or instructions that will take you to the tutorial of How To Play 21 Questions, it doesn’t matter if you are playing this at a party or with your group of friends when you are getting bored. This game will bring a spark and leave a giggle on your face in the end.

Step 1: Gather Your Group

“21 Questions” is a group game and more people can add more fun to it. You can play it with your friends, family members, colleagues, and many others. But minimum it needs three participants to start. Try to add people with different personalities and backgrounds to form a diversified environment for the game. Create a comfortable environment before starting the game to relax people so they can open up more about themselves during the game.

Gather Your Group
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Step 2: Know the Rules

Understanding the rules will better tell you about How To Play 21 Questions. The rules are very simple and interesting as well. Every person will get their turn to ask a question of their choice to any of the people within the group. The person being questioned has a choice, either to answer the question honestly or to skip the question. The interesting part is that there is only a limit of 21 questions per person. People can craft respectful and sensitive questions to focus on fun and getting to know each other.

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Know the Rules
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Step 3: Set the Right Tone

Whether the game is about knowing the truth from the participants is hidden from all. However, it is important to maintain respect and courtesy during the game. Participants need to focus on asking someone the right set of questions that they could also answer comfortably. The main aim of the game is to bring fun to the table and make strong connections with loved ones. Maintain a trustful environment where people can share the truth without being uncomfortable.

Set the Right Tone
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Step 4: Set The Time Frame for Answering

To keep the game interesting and exciting, add the time limit. Allow the participants to answer the question within a one- or two-minute limit. Taking too much time and stretching one question can make the game boring for others. Every participant must get their turn. If a person is taking too long to answer or not answering, then it is better to end their turn and jump to the next person’s turn. So, setting the time for the questions is the best way to keep going the game smoothly.

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Step 5: Ask Open-Ended Questions

One of the ways to elevate the magic of the game is to encourage the participants to ask an open-ended question to their fellow participants. Try to ask questions that answers are not limited to just a simple yes or no. Add some questions that begin with words like, why, what if, or how. Include the situational-based question to make the question fascinating. These types of questions help to reveal the interesting personalities of the participants and make the connection deeper and stronger.

Ask Open-Ended Questions
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Step 6: Diversified the Question Topics

Now, that you know How To Play 21 Questions, then it is important to know how to make it more dynamic and captivating. One of the best to do so is to keep the questions dynamic. Try to include a wide range of subjects in the questions, including hypothetical situations, personal experiences, stories, and many others. Make the game more conversational so that people can give their input and adventurous stories to the group. It will break the monotonous feel and make it more colorful.

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Diversified the Question Topics
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Step 7: Involve Prompts in the Game

Crafting questions of the game is an art and if you want to win it, you have to be the master of the question-crafting art. You can decide the categories to help the players ask interesting and mindful questions to the person. The category can be anything including childhood memories, travel destinations, dreams, relationships, books, or any other. These prompts will act as a starter to starting the conversation and it is totally up to you and your group where you want to take it.

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Step 8: Let’s Everyone Get Their Chance

To make sure that everyone gets a fair chance in the series of 21 questions. Make the rotational implementation of turns so that everyone can enjoy asking questions and being asked both. If one or two people get involved in the questions, then the other participants will feel sidelined and sooner or later they will lose their interest in the game.

Let’s Everyone Get Their Chance
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Step 9: Know the Experience in the End

It is important to know the learnings and experiences participants get at the end of the game. When the 21 questions are over, it is valuable to know the insights of the participants. Also, appreciate them being a great participant and sharing their personal experiences with the group.

Know the Experience in the End
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“21 Questions” is one of the best ways not only to get the secrets of your loved one but also when you want to know someone in person. Playing games like these can help start the conversation and keep it going positively along with covering various aspects of a person’s life and personality.  It is a great way to set the conversational pace while adding fun to it.  Now that you know all about How To Play 21 Questions, then let us know with whom are you playing this game and what questions you will ask your teammates.

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