Trending Valentines Day Ideas to Spice Up the Day Of Love

Valentines Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to true love.  It is a day celebrated worldwide and all the couples plan something special for each other. On the contrary, there are couples who don’t know or fail to plan a perfect day for their partners. Here we have some good news for those couples. As we are nearing to the end of 2019 and Valentine’s Day 2020 is just 3 months away, here are some Valentines Day Ideas for you. You have enough time in hand to plan a perfect surprise for your partner. If you are confused regarding what to do, we have listed some brilliant ideas over here.

Be it your boyfriend or girlfriend, all of us wish that our partner will plan something for the day which will surprise us. It is that one day when couples plan out some movie date, candlelight dinner, etc. You need to make it completely romantic and enjoyable. Just the two of you, being together for the whole day, walking hand in hand, going out for lunch or dinner, watching a movie at home, etc. there is so much you can do. Unfortunately, we run out of ideas at the time of execution. If you are low on ideas, we have a list of 25 ideas that you can include in your schedule for the day.

Best Valentines Day Ideas to Make Your Partner Happy

Planning a perfect valentine’s day is not an impossible task. You can plan the day according to your wish and your partner’s preference. You can decorate the house, gift your girlfriend lingerie, take her out for lunch or you can just Netflix and chill with her. If you wish to make the day more special and memorable then go through the article to gather some amazing ideas.

1. Bonfire

The first idea to have a memorable valentine’s day is planning a bonfire. You don’t have to spend much on it as it is a very cost-effective idea. Just grab some snacks or cook the favorite dish of your partner, pack them, grab a blanket and spend the night cuddling in front of a fire. If you can plan it at a beach or in some hilly areas, then that would be amazing.

2. Truffle Making and Chocolate Tasting

It can be possible that you don’t know to cook but there are tutorials for everything on the internet. This is your opportunity to surprise your partner with some truffles and chocolates. There is a different feeling in gifting self-made chocolates and the ones available in the market. There are people who can teach you how to make it as well. Give your best as this is one of the most effective Valentines Day Ideas to surprise your partner.

Chocolate making

3. Dancing

Next idea in line is something which is equally romantic and fun. It isn’t necessary that you need to be a professional dancer but you can learn some moves. There is enough time for the Valentine’s Day and you can take up tutorial classes for any dance form you wish to learn. Besides, what dance form does your partner likes the most? Learn it and surprise her with an amazing date night with candles and her favorite music.

4. Ghost Tour

Well, if you and your partner are very much devoted to adventure, then this too can be an amazing idea for Valentine’s Day. All you need to do is book a ghost tour. It can be happening in your city or in any neighboring city. Enquire about it, book the tickets and surprise your partner. If your partner is scared of ghosts then this is a very bad idea. So, be sure before you buy the tickets.

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5. Ice Skating

Spending some quality time with your partner is the best thing one wishes for. You can put some add on to it with an ice skating session. Both of you can spend some great time together as well as have an amazing skating session. Remember those scenes from your favorite rom-com, well you can recreate those. The ultimate goal is to make your partner happy.

Ice skating

6. Wine Bar Crawling

If you don’t want to sit home or Netflix and chill it’s quite normal for you, then go out to visit wine bars. The purpose is to go for wine tasting. It can be possible that there isn’t any wine tasting session going on. Instead of waiting for some wine tasting event, visit different wine bars and fulfill your wish. This is a very interesting idea and your partner will surely love it.

7. Scavenger Hunting

This is not a very romantic idea but surely it is a fun idea. Scavenger hunting is full of fun and excitement. Although it needs more than two people, two people can also play it as well. You just need to plan it that way. You and your partner, searching for a list of items in the house and the winning prize can be something very intimate and romantic.

8. Museum Tour at Night

If you are both comfortable with spending a night at the museum, with all the antiques and other things, then this can be one of the best Valentines Day Ideas you can come up with. There are museums in the US who can organize a party at their premises. Just contact one such museum and plan it accordingly. On the contrary, you can also take up a night tour of the museum and explore the history.

9. Dinner and Movie at Home

There are adventurous couples, there are fun-loving couples, there are romantic couples and then there are the lazy couples. This is the best idea for the last couples to make Valentine’s Day special. All you need to do is order some pizza or cook some delicious food and play your favorite movie. Alternatively, you can just Netflix and chill at home.

Movie time together

10. Basketball or Soccer Game

This can be the best thing you and your partner can do for the night. Watch the football match and cheer for your favorite team. Also, you can make your girlfriend accompany you to the ground to watch a live match. Make it like a plan to watch the match and then go for dinner. If she disagrees to it, plan it like a bet.

11. Roller Skating

Similar to ice skating, you guys can go for roller skating. The local skating rink will surely have a romantic theme based ambience for the day and you can take the best advantage of it. On the contrary, you can plan a surprise at the local skating rink for your partner. A V-Day surprise sounds really good. What do you think?

12. Burlesque Show

This is the easiest escape plan I for you have forgotten to plan a surprise for your partner on Valentine’s Day. Before things turn upside down and your partner gets super angry on you, take her to the burlesque show. She might not be super excited about it but you can easily escape from the tantrums. Along with this, book a table for two at the nearest restaurant of her favorite cuisine.

13. Poetry Reading Session

Poetry is the sweetest form to express love. It is like expressing your heart out through words. Among the best Valentines Day Ideas, this too counts in. You can set up a poetry narration session where you dedicate the most romantic poetries to your loved ones. Browse over the internet or visit the local library to get access to such poetries.

14. Karaoke

You might have gone in for karaoke with your friends or colleagues. Have you ever opted for a karaoke session with your partner? If not then you must plan for one soon. Or else, plan it as a Valentine’s Day surprise. It is an amazing idea and you can expect that your partner will have lots of fun. Singing out loud, all your personal favorites and enjoying the moment can be the best way to spend the night.

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Karaoke as Valentines Day Ideas

15. Standup Comedy Show

The standup comedy show is also one of the greatest Valentines Day Ideas which you can plan for. This will be a fun way to spend the evening with your partner. Also, you can go for dinner after the show. Just plan it out so that your partner is completely happy. There are lots of clubs where such comedy shows take place, just book a table for two and enjoy the evening.

16. Soothing Spa Day

In our busy schedule, seldom do we get the opportunities to relax. In a country like the US, people are way too busy during the weekdays and at weekends, it’s the household chores. Not enough time to relax. This is why you should book for a couple’s soothing spa session. It will be a great gift for your partner.

17. Tandem Bike Ride

Another great idea to have an adventurous valentine’s day is a tandem bike ride for couples. There are loads of websites that offer bikes at rental charges. Book one and go for a tandem ride. This can be the best gift if both of you love to travel and you guys are too fond of bikes.

Tandem Bike Ride

18. Book a Hotel

It is very logical that our professional life doesn’t allow us to have lots of fun. This, in turn, makes us very lazy at home as well. If this is the case with you, relax. You don’t have to organize anything at home. Instead, opt for a luxurious hotel and book a suite. Ask them to decorate the room and keep the best champagne available for you guys.

19. Travel to Unexplored Town

We often think that we should plan a vacation here or there but the work schedule doesn’t allow us to travel much. This is your opportunity to go for a vacation. It can be a weekend getaway or a couple of days plan. Just take a leave, pack your bags and set out for the destination. Visit nearby cities or towns and spend some quality time with your partner.

20. Watch the Sunset or Sunrise

Sitting beside your partner and watching the sunset at a beach or the sunrise at the hilltop is one of the most romantic things to do. It is the also one of the best Valentines Day Ideas which you can choose to surprise your partner. You can never match up this feeling with any other thing.

21. Go Camping

Camping is the best way to spend a great time with your partner. Just the two of you in some unknown place sitting inside the tent, drinking some hot coffee and watching the sunrise, isn’t it romantic?  Alternatively, you can just grab a glass of wine, play some romantic music and dance as the sunsets.

22. Join a Gym or Zumba Classes

Relationship means doing everything together and helping each other. If you thing you wish to maintain a healthy relationship then you can join a gym or the Zumba classes together. It will be equally fun and good for health. Working out together has altogether a different feeling in its own.

23. Watch a Band Perform Live

What’s your favorite band? Do you guys share the common band as your favorite band? If yes, then here is the best of the best Valentines Day Ideas for you. Book two tickets to the live performance of your favorite band and watch it live. Both of you will be happy and can surely spend some great time together.

24.  Join Cooking Class

Do you know how to cook? Have you ever cooked a full meal for your partner? If yes then that’s really sweet of you but if no, then you should start cooking. Join a cooking class together so that you and your partner both feel great when you cook for each other.

cooking together as Valentines Day Ideas

25.  Get Your Astrology Done

Well, this is a good way to express that you truly care for your partner. It is not necessary that you really need to do it. This is simply a gesture of love, care, and affection. How you plan to usher your love completely depends on you. Or else, you can just get the astrology done to know about your future as a couple.

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