7 Tips on Maintaining a Lawn Mower

7 Tips on Maintaining a Lawn Mower

A lawnmower is a valuable asset used for looking after the lawn and making sure it is in good shape. It helps you to cut the grass and keep them short so that your lawn won’t be a place for mosquitoes breeding. Just like other machines, a lawnmower needs to be maintained to ensure a long life span. The following are 7 tips on how to maintain a lawnmower.

1. Safety First and Tipping the Lawn Mower

To check the lawn mower, you must first unplug it. You will also have to tip it over at the right position. If it is a four stroke mower, don’t tip it to the side as doing so can cause the oil to enter into the air filter and carburetor. If it is a two-stroke mower, you must first close the fuel tap so that the fuel will not spill when you are tipping it.

2. Clean the Debris

The lawnmower can get dirty with dirt, grass, and other particles after it has been used to mow the lawn for several times. To clean them, you can use a brush with soft bristles to brush them. You can also use a rag cloth to make all the dirt on the underparts fall on the ground.

3. Check the Nuts/Bolts and Wiring

After cleaning the debris, you should check it closely for signs like rust, frayed wiring or loose nut. If you notice some rust, you can apply another coat of paint over it. You can also spray some lubricant on the rusted part. If there is any frayed wiring, be sure to replace it promptly. Nuts and bolts that are loose should be tightened.

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4. Change the Spark Plug

You may also want to check the spark plug. If it needs replacement, use a socket set to first remove the damaged spark plug. After that, screw in the new spark plug before using a socket to tighten it.

5. Check the Blade

Now, you can check the blade to see if it has become dull. The blade can quickly become dull if you frequently expose it to rocks and branches. If the blade is dull, it will tear the grass instead of cutting it. You can send it to the mower shop to have the blade sharpened for a small fee.

6. Check the Oil

In addition, you should regularly check the oil level in the lawn mower. You are to pour clean fresh oil into the oil tank up to the highest level on the dipstick. If you just purchase the lawn mower, you should have the oil changed following the first 5 hours. After that, you can change the oil after using it for 50 hours. The fuel can deteriorate after 30 days so before sure to replace it promptly.

7. Selling Your Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is not cheap and it will cost you between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. If you take good care of it, you will be able to easily sell it away as second hand to get the money to buy a new lawnmower. If it is worth at least $500, it will be necessary for you to prepare a lawnmower bill of sale to protect the sale.

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Instead of writing a bill of sale yourself, you can find free lawnmower bill of sale templates in PDF editors like Movavi PDF Editor. The software allows you to directly type in the blank space to fill in the required information in the form.

The sample bill of sale is written in a way that will protect your interest and meet the state requirements. You must fill in information like lawnmower description, transaction amount, sale conditions, the signature of the seller and buyer in the form. If you need to attach your signature, just load the image of a digital signature by dragging it into the file drop zone. Next, copy it in Edit Object mode and paste it in the appropriate signature field.

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