Amazing skin care tips to get rid of acne

Amazing skin care tips to get rid of acne

If you are prone to pimples and other forms of acne, a proper skin care regimen is important on a daily basis. Acne mainly happens when the pores on your skin close due to heavy deposits of oil. While dealing with acne, you need to follow a routine that helps you remove extra oiling of your skin. This will help your skin pores breathe properly and also lets you stay away from acne as long as possible.

You should choose products which will help you maintain a dry skin and also quickly heal blemishes that already exist. Since there is a wide range of products dealing with fighting acne, you may often get confused as to which product to opt. All these varieties of anti-acne products are different for different skin tones. Thus, while choosing the best one for you, do not forget to analyze the product carefully before applying it on your skin.

You should never make your daily skin care routine complex. The easier it is to follow, the quicker you will observe the results. Rather than a complicated beauty regimen, your skin care program should be highly effective and quick in its action. To follow a proper course of skin care, you need to spend a maximum of three to four minutes two times a day to see the results clearly.

Get products for yourself which are readily available. Do not go for costly items and that have a high content of chemicals. Choose a smooth and easy going regimen for yourself and don’t spend heaps.

Skin care dos and don’ts

     1. Gently cleanse your skin

While doing so, you should remember to use only the fingertips or a soft towel to gently rub your skin. The areas of cleansing should include the neckline, cheekbones, jaw line, the front, and back of your ears. Do not be too harsh on your skin like roughly scrubbing. This will not help in any way in keeping your skin cleaner.

     2. Use a proper stringent or toner

When your skin gets extremely dry while using anti-acne creams or lotions, it is important that you maintain a proper amount of hydration. This is the work of toners or astringents. They help you remove oily substances from your skin without losing its hydrated form. Toners help you fight irritating blemishes and blackheads. Depending on your type of skin, you need to choose the appropriate toner. If you are using an anti-acne cream having an extremely dry effect on your skin, go for a hydrating toner.

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     3. Apply anti-acne medications properly

After you apply the toner to remove excess oil and hydrate your skin, you need to let it dry entirely. After drying of the toner, you need to wash your face properly and again let it completely dry. Now apply the anti-acne cream as per the acne treatment that you are undergoing under the supervision of an expert. If you find it hard to choose which acne treatment to go for, do not panic or hesitate to call your family dermatologist for the best suggestions.

     4. Apply a gel or moisturizer that is oil free

When you have ensured effectively that your skin is dry enough to keep acne away, you should remember to moisturize your skin. To keep the peeling off of your skin due to extreme dryness, apply a recommended moisturizer two times a day. Always go for those moisturizers which have non-comedogenic and oil-free written on its label.

     5. Protect your skin from the sun

This is like a bonus step in your skin care regimen. While you are undergoing anti-acne treatment, your skin becomes more sensitive to damage by sunlight. In other words, such damage to skin is known as photosensitivity damage. Well, there is no need to worry. There are many moisturizers which have SPF to keep your skin protected from damage by sunlight. For moisturizes not containing SPF, you need to then separately buy sunscreen products alongside applying a moisturizer.

What kind of habits can worsen your acne problems?

There are certain measures which can make your acne treatment run in the opposite direction. You need to be very careful before making such mistakes.

  1. Do not try a new form of acne treatment each week. Such frequent changes in your skin care routine every week may cause adverse outbreaks on your skin and worsen the acne issues.
  2. Apply anti-acne cream only to your blemishes is not going to help you with quicker results. To get the best results, you need to keep your face skin completely dry and involve your entire face rather than just the blemishes.
  3. Stop using products related to your hair, makeup, and other skin care routines which promote acne formation.
  4. Do not share your skin care products like makeup or lotion and creams with others. Your skin can become contagious to bacterial infections and other problems.
  5. Avoid sleeping with your makeup on. The longer the exposure of chemicals on your skin, the greater is the chance of developing acne and itching of the skin.
  6. Do not keep washing your face too frequently in a day. Too much of facewash use may furthermore irritate your skin and cause redness and acne.
  7. Acne is related to oily skin which is why you need to keep your skin dry. But do not get yourself too much into drying your skin. It may make you lose the natural texture and glow of your skin. Develop a habit of using appropriate moisturizer according to your skin tone.
  8. Avoid harshly rubbing off sweat while exercising or working out. This may adversely cause irritation to your skin.
  9. One of the most important mistakes to not do is squeeze or pop pimples. This can be extremely harmful to your skin. Such silly things increase the chance of developing acne more often, which can be painful.
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These are some of the best tips that can make your skin look youthful for decades. Swear by these to have flawless skin forever.

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