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You are all about your style! And your style reflects who you are as a person. For instance, if you are mostly into tribal and aboriginal jewelry and simple tote bags, it indicates you love to dress simple but make a statement as well. Your love for aboriginal jewelry will stand out amongst your sober dressing sense.

Similarly, if you love T-shirts, you have the chance to customize the print. And what better than to have your pet dog’s picture personalized on the T-shirt. There’s no better way to show your love for your pet dog than this.

Today, many companies specialize in this service. You can check out to gather other relevant details. From design prints to design format, today you can discuss everything with your service provider. It will help you to arrive at the best decision.

Things to remember

Have you decided to opt-in for a custom dog T-shirt? Have you also selected a service provider? If yes, here are a few things that you need to remember.

  1. Always select a comfortable material for the T-shirt. The best fabric is cotton or nylon. It is easy on the skin. Also, since you will be customizing the print, cotton is the best fabric to hold the print for a longer time.
  2. Choose a bigger size than your original size. It is because different companies have different measurements for the general size. Also, you will wash the T-shirt when it needs to be. Sometimes, the first wash makes the fabric to shrink. It even holds true for cotton T-shirt material. To order size discomforts and issues, it is always better to opt-in for a bigger size and sports your T-shirt comfortably.
  3. Always select a plain colored T-shirt for the customized print than multi-colored. It helps the dog picture print to stand out and look impressive. Choose the generic shades of black, white, brown, blue, grey or light yellow and green. Also, select one of your best pet dog pictures that evoke fond memories.
  4. Ask the company the total number of pictures that a T-shirt can carry. Generally, companies welcome up to as many as four to five images. Any amount more than that might make the design appear cluttered and space-crunched. For a classic and stylish look, limit the number of pictures to four. It helps the service provider to customize the print in a trendy print template that would look smart and balanced.
  5. A round neck is always the best option! A customized print T-shirt that has the picture of your pet dog is a personal statement you make. It is important not to overdo the shirt design. It’s a smart call to opt-in for a round neck as that’s comfortable to wear and allows proper ventilation.
  6. Ask the company if they would provide the T-shirt or you have provided it to them for the customized print. Get the material and size details of the T-shirt in case the company is getting it for you. Ensure that you select a good quality T-shirt. Ask all the relevant questions that you need to ensure the same.
  7. Compare the customized print charges and then arrive at the final decision. Few companies showcase products that have a steep price. When you compare, you know which company is perfect for your T-shirt preference and budget capacity.

Flaunting your custom dog baby shirt

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Every dog lover would want to flaunt a T-shirt carrying the picture of their pet! It’s a matter of pride for them. It’s a way they show their love and devotion towards their pets. It’s a quirky way of dressing that most dog lovers would love to sport once in a way. However, the ones who are new to this idea might find it a tad bit experimental and need some hand-holding. Here’s how you can flaunt and sport the customized dog print T-shirt.

  1. Bring your baggy jeans back

Man or woman, everyone loves to sport those casual, loose and comfortable baggy jeans. You can wear it at home or to a friend’s place. The mood of baggy jeans is laid back and relaxed. Pair up your old baggy jeans with this T-shirt. If you want you can even carry your furry friend along with you to a friend’s place as you sport the shirt. You can also wear this shirt when you are out for a brisk morning walk as well.

  1. Wear it on your dog’s birthday

You must have decided on a day when you’ll celebrate your dog’s birthday! Bring on all the fun and zest by sporting this shirt. On this day, you sure do want to show the world the love you have for your furry buddy. So wear the best-customized shirt on this day. If you’re arranging a get-together by calling a few close friends, wear it to your little evening or afternoon party.

  1. International pets day

Every pet lover would want to make a statement on the global pet’s day! If you’re a dog lover, you can wear this shirt and take part in some of the social events that take place in and around the town. You might not carry your pet with you, but people will still get to see your furry companion.

  1. Wear just like a regular T-shirt
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You can sport it like a casual T-shirt as well. If you are going to your college or a friendly gathering, this T-shirt can be a perfect dressing code. You can pair it up with your regular denim and canvas. On other times, you can sport this T-shirt when you are at a vacation or a picnic with your friends and away from your pet dog. This T-shirt will keep you reminding of your pet, even when you are away.

Today, the custom dog baby shirts are available both for men and women. You can add the picture of your dog when it was a little one or an adult. Customizing a T-shirt with the dog’s baby pictures will add a nostalgic element to it. However, you can browse through the design archive and decide on which T-shirt design pattern to choose and opt-in for.

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