How To Get Printer Online

How To Get Printer Online

Key reasons for hp printer being offline

A Hp printer is a very essential gadget to carry out day to day work at the office. However, there can be several reasons why it shows offline. Some of these reasons are issues with the Hp printer connectivity, paper jams, tangled cables, low ink levels, lack of printing paper etc. Let’s see how these issues lead to the hp printer going offline and create a hindrance while carrying out printing jobs. 

Paper jam is a very common error that occurs when printing papers and other materials get stuck in the hp printer. Due to this, the hp printer will not function properly, the user will have to manually remove the paper. This will allow the user to use the hp printer efficiently. 

Low ink levels are a situation that can occur due to drying up of printing ink or the other reason could be the heavy duty printing jobs. This can show a red signal that the ink of the Hp printer is over we need to replenish the ink. Once the ink is replenished the printing jobs can be carried out in normalcy. 

Tangled cables are another common reason for a Hp printer to go offline(hp printer is offline), though now due to advancement there is an option of wireless printing which can be used through a remote connection. Still, users also prefer printing through the USB cable that connects their hp printer to the PC. If the USB cable is not connected properly the user will get an error that the hp printer is offline.

 Electricity fluctuations can also lead to the hp printer going offline while printing jobs are going on.

Steps to get hp printer back online:

Please ensure that the hp printer settings are accurately configured in your system. Please click on control panel from the settings option then device and printers select the hp printer available in your range and which is configured in your system. To check the functionality of the document you can give a test print command once it prints this is an indication that the hp printer is now ready to print your pending printing jobs.

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In case the hp printer is offline due to a paper jam or it has run out to printing paper you can open the hp printer queue menu from the main printing menu and click on resume printing once you have reloaded the paper and removed the paper jam manually.

Please note if it is wirelesshp printerensure that the printer needs to be connected through the same wifi network as the PC to establish a remote connection to print. In this technology, the print receives the command reads the document to be printed and prints it.

As a user we must check that the relevant hp printer drivers are installed in the system for printing. Issue with driver compatibility and the computer system will also result in an offline printer. Please ensure the drivers are timely updated and installed in the system. This will ensure effective printing. 

As a user you need to ensure that the option of “use hp printer offline” should be unchecked from the dialogue box” this will eradicate your printing errors.

Another important point to be noted is that in a workspace printers may be attached to multiple systems through shared printing services, many times the shared network services are blocked by firewall and antivirus software this may block the shared network.

Please use the below steps to rectify this click on file- hp printer sharing services-ensure the network discovery range is turned on and network sharing services are functioning effectively.

Instead of restarting the system each time the hp printer is offline you can restart the hp printer spooler service to bring offline printer to online mode. On the search bar in your system type Services.msc this is found in the computer management tab from the dialogue box the service will be in a stopped mode. Click on start services this will help you to re-establish the printer connection from offline to online. Please ensure all the dependency services are started. The only dependency service in print spooler service is “Remote procedure call”.

Remove all unnecessary hp printer drivers and printers in your network. Ensure all printers installed in your systems are installed correctly as this will cause the hp printer spooler services to stop again and again if the drivers of the printer are not installed correctly.

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From the Hp printer menu scan your system establishes a secure connection and then prints. Your printer needs to be connected to the same wifi as your pc otherwise the print command will be sent to the nearest available hp printer in the network.

Another way to get the hp printer status from offline to online is the troubleshooting tab in the system you can report the problem and restart the system to get the hp printer back online.  

To conclude, we can say that as a user we identified the key reasons of why a hp printer generally shows offline while printing jobs are going on. We also identified the different settings and drivers that can be reset to ensure a smooth and efficient printing task is performed. Both wireless and wired printers show offline if they are not accurately configured or they run out of paper. For smooth and efficient printing All blockages need to be removed from the hp printer so that the print commands can be executed smoothly. HP Printer is offline such a message occurs when your system is unable to detect the available printer. Please note the hp printer also goes into a standby mode if hp printer remains stationary for a while. This can also show the hp printer as offline even if it’s connected. Check hp printer mode it should be online at all times so that prints can be given effectively.

Please note printers need timely service and maintenance so that they can run smoothly. You can also add the hp printer and re install the printer to ensure that it is properly installed and is taking the print command. Use the control panel to remove the hp printer click on remove device. Then follow the entire installation process. 

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