How do I protect my motorcycle in an open trailer?

Motorcycles are the best method to go anywhere, yet they also need to be transported sometimes in case of long distance shipping across the country or cross country. For smaller distances or sometimes to cover longer distances also, owners opt for open trailer shipping for their motorcycles, as this transport method is a bit cheaper than any other transport services. So, keeping all the dilemmas as well as insecurities of the owners about their gears in mind, we have decided to list up a few predicaments that would enlighten them about the protection process of the bike that is going to be transported by an open trailer.

There are few steps to keep your motorcycle’s cosmetic components secure during open air shipping. Trust me it is not that hard to manage and also won’t take too much time to fix the entire safety measures if you plan beforehand.

And if you are reading this, we are trying to make the further steps a little less complicated. So, no need to be confused! Let’s check out the steps together.

  • The process of protecting your hog begins from the moment when you start placing the motorcycle into the trailer. Do place the shipping trailer to a flat leveled firm surface. Avoid muddy or watery surfaces as it may lead mishaps to happen while loading the bike. Also, select a place that is slightly inclined, so that you don’t need to angle the ramp too much for loading the bike on it. Avoid using wooden logs or multiple ply pieces for gliding the bike on the trailer. Because to save a few pennies from not buying a ramp might cause a more costly accident to pay for.
  • In order to ship your bike by an open trailer make sure that the certain trailer is capable enough to bear the load of your motorcycle and also well equipped to secure the bike on it properly. Always select a trailer that is suitable for long distance shipping too. Moreover, if you are planning to hire a professional transporter, make them aware about your bike’s specifications. So that it will become easier for them to send a trailer as per your requirement.
  • Restraining or tieing down is the most important part of protecting your bike on an open trailer. Your bike’s safety depends upon how properly you are securing your bike for shipping. Therefore, before investing for buying tie downs, better to check the previous customers’ reviews and ratings for different manufacturers and select one according to your bike’s need. Try to use high quality tie downs with proper cam buckle closure. Though those are a bit expensive, yet it is considerable if it assures healthy bike shipping.
  • Avoid using metal hook tie downs as those may injure the bike’s appearance, whereas it is suggested to use nylon tie downs or soft tye material restraints for securing bikes. For a standard sized motorcycle, you would need four tie downs and for large bike’s you have to use at least eight tie downs. For securing the bike immediately after loading into the trailer, you need to keep the bike’s front wheel to the right place of the trailer and tie down the restraints as much as possible to the lower position of the trailer bed.
  • Most motorcyclists get worried about jerking or wobbling during open trailer shipping. Tightening up the motorcycle into the trailer properly would prevent the bike from sliding or moving while transporting. Make sure that your bike’s front tire is not rolling in motion. As trailers are attached to another vehicle, it is really important to be careful while sharing roads with other regular vehicles. You should be very careful while taking sharp turns and sudden acceleration.
  • You must check the weather forecast before planning to ship a bike on an open trailer. You should cover the open holes of your bike if you need to ship it in rainy weather or snowfall. Moreover, if you don’t want to see your bike covered with grit or mud, you can cover it with plastic wrap, however there are chances of sticking the plastic to the bike body if the weather is too hot or windy. So, it is better to choose sponge sheets. Cover your bike’s tank if possible or you can detach it also.
  • Last but not the least, make motorcycle insurance before planning for any transportation for your bike. If any damage happens in transit, the insurance will cover the entire repairing expenses.
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