How to add serenity to your space?

serenity to your space

Is it essential that your space oozes calmness and tranquility?

What’s a house if it doesn’t feel like home? Your space is your heaven, the reflection of your hard work, efforts, and tastes. How to add serenity to your space?

When it comes to a house, size doesn’t matter, aesthetics does. You can have a mansion for yourself, but if the interior doesn’t feel cozy and blissful, your house is merely a structure of pillars and floorings. 

This is why you must put your heart when designing your space’s interior as well as exterior. It doesn’t just depend on how much money you put in. Sometimes, all it takes is a little creativity, some recycling and replacing of old things, and DIYs.

As a result of this effort, you will have a home filled with peace, harmony, and a relaxed environment. You’d be surprised to see how much a peaceful space can affect your mental and even physical health. 

Easy Ways to add Serenity to Your Space

Here are some of the ways to ensure that your space resembles a peaceful sanctuary with a unique, sophisticated class. 

1. Remove everything not needed

Remove everything not needed

The first thing to do to enhance the appeal of your space is to eliminate clutter. Having too much stuff in your home reduces the ‘lighter’ air around the area, making everything look congested. 

What’s the best way to ensure a clutter-free space? Arlene McIntyre, the creative director at Ventura Design Interiors, has the perfect suggestion.

According to her, just removing the things you don’t need from the eye-level area does wonder. This small hack can transform your area to look neater and more spacious in an instant. 

serenity to your space


2. Compromising on your storage is a big NO


serenity to your space

Whether you are buying, renovating, or renting your space, know that storage is a factor you should always consider. It is imperative to have a clutter-free home.

Having more storing compartments in your home, like drawers, shelves, and under-the-counter cupboards in your kitchen, give you ample storage space. 

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For instance, you can add small, cutesy vanities in your bathroom or socks and scarves hanging compartment beside your dressing tables. The options are limitless, and in no time, you will feel more relaxed because of the openness of your area. 


3. Let Natural Light in 


serenity to your space

Natural light tends to uplift the overall look of your home. Adjust the exposure of light your home receives and see the changes around you.

Lighting can mean both, the natural light as well as lamps and led lights. Although, for healthy living, natural light is what you need the most. It increases focus and also helps you relax, which subsequently has a positive impact on your overall productivity. 

Martin Feelisch, a professor of Experimental Medicine and Integrative Biology at the University of Southampton, says that nitric oxide (NO) from sunlight improves the blood flow in our bodies. It also improves our cardiovascular health and reduces the probability of heart attacks and strokes. 

Hence, to allow more of the sun rays in your home, open your curtains and windows. If your apartment doesn’t have enough windows, install reflecting surfaces. Hanging mirrors in the path of sunlight will reflect it to the other part of your home.

Natural light tends

4. Play with color schemes

serenity to your space

Playing with different colors and trying new designs is an essential part of home décor. Selecting the right color scheme for your interior as well as exterior is a big deal. Lighter tones help absorb less heat and reflect more light, making your home feel more spacious and pleasant to live in.

Color sets the mood of your place. Shades of white bring a distinct grace with a soothing effect of euphoria. Combining them with some darker tones of brown or blue completes the overall appearance of your walls, giving them a royal charm. 

Color home

The brighter your color schemes are, the more soothing your space is bound to look. Also, vibrant walls bring bliss and contentment with them, making you feel at ease. 

serenity to your space

Apart from the walls, you can bring color to your furniture, hangings, and decorations as well. You can hang family frames and art pieces, put on colorful bedsheets, or even mix-and-match-colored cushions and carpets.

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Sometimes, finding the right furniture that matches the design on your walls can be a hard task. If you are in a similar problem, then worry not. Many furniture stores also offer design consultancy to come up with a chic furniture combination that enhances the appeal of your rooms.

You can look online to find a store in your area that also offers designing services. For example, if you live in Rhode Island, you can search for furniture stores Rhode island and the results will show you the list of furniture design companies in your area.

You can seek help from any one of them to come up with the perfect furniture and design ideas for your home. 


5. Never ignore the final touchups


Sometimes, it’s the finishing touchups that deliver the tranquility you didn’t know your space needed. It can be anything, from the flooring tiles of your bathroom to the stand beside your TV.

Whatever it is, you must ensure one thing. Whatever you buy to fill empty spaces, it has to be chic and versatile. Never just run after the trendy stuff, because ‘in-the-fashion’ items, most often than not, do go out of fashion after some time. 

This investment that completes the look of your home and makes it extra serene is a one-time installation. That’s why you must make sure that it doesn’t go out of date anytime soon. 

Some examples for the finishing touch can include getting wooden flooring for your kitchen or hanging a chandelier in the dining room to match the overall décor. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Having a place where you can re-energize, rejuvenate, and relax is the most important thing. It not just improves your physical health but ensures your mental well-being as well. 

There are numerous ways to add serenity to your space, enhance the comfort and serenity of your space and improve the overall look. In this blog, we have mentioned five ways we think you should try when renovating your home. Follow any of these and see the magic happen. 

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