Health Benefits of Foliage Plants

Foliage Plants

Foliage plants are those plants which have been blessed with beautiful leaves having got that ornamental plant feels. These types of plants are quite experts in creating a visual appeal that is sure to leave a forever mark on the hearts and minds of the one who sees and appreciates art and nature. It complements any and every kind of decor with its bold shapes, fine textures, and brilliant colour that leaves us totally astonished with it. Some of these kinds of foliage plants would include – Caladiums, Coral Bella, Ornamental Grass, New Zealand Flax, Sweet Potato Vines and Elephant Ears. But did you know these foliage plants are more than just being an epitome of sheer beauty? Yes, they have got some lesser-known health benefits which are some innate properties of these little bundle of joys that are often overlooked by us. So, here’s a list of such health benefits that these types of the plant offer us – humans

  1. Allergy Relief – It has been scientifically proven that these foliage plants tend to reduce the pollution levels indoors and cleanses the air. It catches some allergens and other airborne particles and filters out the air, thereby. Tip – Just avoid such plants with spores or pollen. 
  2. Happy, Positive Mind – The appearance of these plants is so therapeutic that just by catching a glimpse of it, it can make people forget about the miseries of their life and happy living the moment. While keeping oneself surrounded with these foliage plants blesses one with happiness along with positivity and good luck, which is what implies that these plants look after our mental health and well being.
  3. Helps To Catch Up On Sleep – Some of these plants help its owner to sleep like a baby with its relaxing properties. It calms the mind and lowers anxiety, depression or stress level in a person which helps one to say goodbye to insomnia and hello deep sleep.
  4. Has Medicinal Properties – Many pharmacists, herbalists and medical researchers have claimed that foliage plants secretly possess someone medicinal or remedial properties in them which are used for the treatment of various skin, digestive and other such issues. Some of them are used raw while some others need to be processed in order to be useful in treatment. 
  5. Better Focus Or Concentration Power – If one is not able to focus or is getting distracted due to some of the other reasons, then study in an environment which is surrounded by these greens. You will be quite surprised by the drastic change in our attitude towards your study session with a better focus and concentration skill. 
  6. Catalyses The Healing Process – Being surrounded with some of these foliage plants will fasten up the healing process and will help one say bye-bye ailment. That is the reason we can spot a lot of these plants at a hospital. 
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So, if you are convinced enough, then why not bring some of these indoors, right away. And let’s make homes and other corners of our place more “homely”.

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