Lady Gaga Net Worth and the Rise to Her Undeniable Fame

Lady Gaga Net Worth

Lady Gaga, the Oscar-nominated singer and actress are one of the most talked-about celebrity stars at this moment. The American pop icon is not only known for her versatile singing but she recently came into news for her critically acclaimed role in Bradley Cooper’s musical drama “A Star is Born”. The 6-times Grammy winner won two nominations in Oscar 2019 for her role in the movie. Fortunately, 2019 has been profitable for Lady Gaga and there has been no stopping for this sensational singer. So, what is Lady Gaga net worth?

According to recent reports, Lady Gaga net worth is somewhere around $300 million which does not come as a surprise given the amount of success the singer has witnessed so far. Her musical career has hit great new heights in 2019 and she is undoubtedly one of the highest-paid celebrities of the time.

Apparently, Lady Gaga rose to fame with her debut album “Just Dance” in 2008 and there has been no looking back for the singer. But before, getting into all the details of Lady Gaga net worth, let us roll back the time and look into what went into the making of this international icon.

Who is Lady Gaga?

We all know that Lady Gaga is the stage name of the world-famous singer and songwriter. But what was her real name? Lady Gaga was born as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta on 28 March 1986 in Manhattan, New York. Her father Joseph Germanotta was a businessman and a philanthropist and mother Cynthia is an executive of Verizon Communications. Lady Gaga has a younger sister named Natali.

Though the singer belonged to a wealthy family, she has always mentioned about her humble upbringing in many of her interviews in the past. She has mentioned that she had a normal childhood and had worked hard for her success. She has also thanked her parents for their contribution and support in her life.

Early Years of Lady Gaga

The singer was a child prodigy and learned piano at the age of 4. But life was not so easy for this young girl. At the age of 11, Gaga attended the “Convent of Sacred Heart”, a Roman Catholic school. Gaga had a hard time in school as she was different from the other girls. She was always bullied and ridiculed by her schoolmates for her looks and sense of dressing.

Since it was a convent school and was managed by nuns, there was a lot of restriction. She hardly got any time to practice music, her true passion.

But nothing could stop this young girl from Manhattan. She was ambitious and focused right from her childhood and wanted to make her mark in the music industry. Seven years later, a star was born and the rest is history.

Lady Gaga – Career Graph

Lady Gaga age is now 33 but given her popularity and stardom, you can well imagine she started very young. She had an interest in music from a very young age. After graduation, she enrolled at the “Tisch School of the Arts” in New York and learned music. However, she dropped off from the course and made a jump start into her musical journey.

At 19 years of age, Lady Gaga was signed in by the Def Jam Records company, but she ended her collaboration after three months. She performed at the dance bars in Lower East Side. Gaga then formed a band called the “SG Band” with fellow musicians and friends Alex Beckmann and Eli Silverman. It was here that she was introduced to Rob Fusari, her then-boyfriend. It was Fusari who introduced her to Interscope Records where she joined as a songwriter in 2007.

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1. Lady Gaga – Association with Interscope Records

Fusari had a deep influence in the making of the Queen of Pop. It was him who gave her the name “Lady Gaga” after Radio Ga Ga.

After joining Interscope Records, Gaga went on to compose superhits like “Pussycat Dolls”, “New Kids on the Block” and a few compositions for Britney Spears.

Lady Gaga net worth and popularity started soaring the heights after the launch of her first album “The Fame”. Two of its songs “Just Dance” and “Paparazzi” became chart-toppers and gave Gaga instant recognition. The singer earned her first Grammy awards for her debut album.

After a year, Gaga released “The Fame Monster”, an extended version of her already acclaimed album “The Fame”.

The Fame Monster was an instant hit featured smash hits like “Bad Romance”, “Telephone” and a duet with Beyoncé and Alejandro. Gaga won numerous Grammy and MTV music awards. After the success of the album, Gaga performed at an event called the “Monster Ball”. The event boasted to have added a hefty sum of $220 million to Lady Gaga net worth.

Gaga was now doing world tours and became a youth icon and advocated the rights of the LGBT community. Earlier Gaga has also worked as a model to designer Donatella Versace and spoken in public about her concerns with eating disorders and depression.

2. Lady Gaga – The Actress

Lady Gaga has always impressed us with her outstanding vocal cords and as an entertainer. But she surprised us, even more when she landed her first-ever acting gig in the Hollywood movie “Machete Kills” in 2013. She then acted in another movie the “American Horror Story” in 2016. Gaga won the Golden Globe award for best actress in a limited series for her role in the movie.

Two years later, it was her role in Bradley Cooper’s musical drama, “A Star Is Born” where she received the Critics’ Choice Award and also the National Board of Review awards. She was nominated for the prestigious Oscars as well as for BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild.

3. Lady Gaga – The Youth Icon and Fashionista

Lady Gaga with her bleached blonde hair, disco-mirror sunglasses, and latex bodysuits has grown into a fashion icon and has become the face for several fashion brands in the industry. She always adorned an unconventional style and was greatly influenced by renowned fashion designer Donatella Versace. She was the model and face of Versace fashion brand for years.

Lady Gaga Net Worth – Facts and Figures

Lady Gaga net worth 2018 has been reported to be around $300 million and it is estimated that the singer-actress has earned around $39.5 million between June 2018 and June 2019. According to Forbes, Lady Gaga net worth in 2011 crossed $90 million and she could give the celebrities a run for their money and even Oprah Winfrey was left behind.

Let us now have a look into some of the sources of her income.

1. Lady Gaga Tour Earnings

It is quite natural that a major portion of the artist’s income is generated by her concerts and tours. “The Fame Ball” was Gaga’s debut tour. It took place in 2008 after the release of her first album “The Fame”. The artist made $3.15 million which is not bad for a newcomer.

In 2009, Gaga’s second tour “Monster Ball” scored a hefty amount of $227.4 million. The two-year tour was a huge success. Further, in 2012, Gaga went for her “Born This Way Ball” tour and it raised $382.3 million. In 2014, the “Artpop” tour was organized and generated $257.1 million.

Lady Gaga went for her next music tour in 2017 with the “Joanne World Tour” at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California. It is rumored that the singer earned $3 to $4 million every weekend which roughly rounded up to $95 million at the end of the concert. In February 2018, she had to drop off from the concert due to long-term illness of fibromyalgia.

Lady Gaga also performed at the Super Bowl 2017 and she has reportedly sold 1,50,000 songs on the internet after her brilliant performance at the event.

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2. Lady Gaga – Acting Ventures

Lady Gaga had a flair for acting right from her teenage years. She has acted in leading roles in many high school musicals. This is quite evident in her stage performances. Lady Gaga’s critically acclaimed role in the movie “A Star is Born” added a $50 million to Lady Gaga net worth. The movie was a huge success with a gross sale of $156 million worldwide.

 3. Lady Gaga Music Credits

Lady Gaga has five solo albums so far and the sixth one is on the way. All her music albums have been smashing hits on the box office. The reviews have been sensational and her albums have sold millions of copies worldwide.

Her first album “The Fame” has sold a record 8.8 million copies. It was more than “Born This Way” which sold 3.8 million copies and “Artpop” which sold 1.4 million copies. Further, in 2014, Gaga teamed up with Tony Bennett and released her jazz album “Cheek to Cheek”. The album did well in the international market. In 2015, “Poker Face” and “Just Dance”, two of Gaga’s hit solos sold about 7 million copies which is quite a mark.

5. Lady Gaga Business Endorsements

Lady Gaga endorses some of the top brands in the industry like Versace, Google Chrome, Mac, Barnes & Noble, Mac, Bud Light, and many more. Further, Gaga acted as the creative director for a line of products of the Polaroid brand from 2010 to 2014. She was also the spokesperson for Mac’s Viva Glam campaign from 2010 to 2011 for the MAC AIDS Fund. She was the model and face for Versace’s spring and summer collection. The pop star also featured in Barney’s Spring 2016 campaign.

Lady Gaga has two perfumes under her name. Her first perfume “Fame” was launched in 2012 and sold about 6 million bottles in the first week and within a year the sales have reached 30 million bottles. Her second was “Eau de Gaga” which was released in 2014.

In 2011, Gaga had partnered with Google and the venture was originally valued at $40 million but did not work out well. In 2018, Gaga entered into a new business venture with Haus Beauty, a beauty and makeup brand.

6. Lady Gaga Other Investments

Lady Gaga surely has a taste for a good life. In 2014, the singer-actress bought a 10,270 square-foot mansion in Malibu, California worth $23.5 million. Gaga calls it her “Gypsy Palace”. Set across six acres of land, the mansion has elaborate rooms and even rooms for horses. Again in 2016, she bought the home of musician Frank Zappa for $5.25 million in Hollywood, California.

Earlier she has rented a penthouse in New York City within the vicinity of Central Park at $22,000 per month.

She has always been a trendsetter and her love for fashion is known to all. In 2012, she reportedly bought an Alexander McQueen gown at an auction and paid a hefty price of more than $130,000 million for the dress. No wonder, her name was on the Forbes Top 100 Celebrity list.

In 2015, Lady Gaga got engaged to Taylor Kinney on Valentine’s Day. The singer posted a picture of her wearing a heart-shaped 8-carat platinum engagement ring estimated to be somewhere around $500,000. However, in July 2016, she announced her separation on an Instagram post.

7. Lady Gaga’s Las Vegas Residency is making millions

The singer’s Las Vegas Residency is earning more than $1 million on each performance and there have been more than 74 performances so far.

The Las Vegas Residency is focusing on two main shows of the singer. The first one is “Enigma” featuring her pop hits and the other is jazz plus piano performances based on some popular songs from the “Great American Songbook” and also some duet songs with Tony Bennett. Gaga’s residency is breaking all records. Earlier, her “Sin City” residency has also been hugely successful.

Due to the success of the Las Vegas Residency, the singer has decided to stretch the show till November of this year. Tickets are available at a base price of $100 but due to the ongoing demand, it can go up to a whopping $698 for some performances. It is estimated that her total sales earnings could cross $100 million at the end of 2019.

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