You Won’t be Needing Destructive Plumbing Job Anymore After You Know This!

prevent plumbing problems

Sometimes, the plumbing installation might not seem as one of the top priorities in your building. But do you realize how much you are relying on the plumbing system in your life? You might rather flush the toilet after using it and be glad to see the wastes go away, so the toilet is clean to be used in the next time. You can flush the toilet if you have a plumbing installation in the house. Plumbing and sewer line are just like the other things in your house that you need to take the best care of, if you’re still counting on them in your daily life.

How do you take care of your plumbing?

Before knowing how to maintain your plumbing system, you should be able to identify the potential plumbing troubles first. There are three common plumbing issues that people usually have to deal with. Here we will let you know what those are and how to deal with them quickly:

  • A clogged drain

If you encounter a clogged drain, you need to put ½ cup of salt down the drain, followed by the extremely hot water (but not boiling). You can keep pouring it until the clog is clear.

  • Water is not coming from the tap

Have you ever turned on your water faucet, but you discover that no water is coming out of it? If you experience this situation, the first thing you can do is opening the water shut-off valve under the sink and plug the drain, then you can release the aerator and wash all of its parts, put the parts together. The water is supposed to be coming out after you follow all of those steps.

  • Your pipes exposed to cold air
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If your pipes got a lot of exposure from a cold air, you don’t need to worry anymore! You could wrap your pipes in insulation. This will also help you to get hot water faster and help you saving your hydro bill.

If you often experience the clogged drain problems, then it’s important for you to not use any chemical drain cleaners. It can cause a huge damage because those harsh chemicals will eat your pipes gradually.

You can hire a plumber, like Northern plumbing service, to discuss your pipes problems. They’ll identify your plumbing issue and advise you about how to deal with it.

How to prevent plumbing problems?

If you want to hire the professional plumber less often, you should know how to prevent the plumbing problems from happening. You can change a few habits in your daily basis to maintain your plumbing and sewer line.

  1. Install screens in your sink to prevent the large items from blocking your drain and making the water flow slower;
  2. Don’t wash fat or grease down the drain;
  3. Set the water pressure in a normal range to prevent a water leak;
  4. Soften your water, because hard water is not only bad for your skin but also for your plumbing and sewer pipes.
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